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A lot of people have expressed an interest in X.E.N.O. Project and I also have gotten quite into them myself recently, so I thought it high time I make another post about them! Since my last post about them they've released a few new videos including their very first music video, "Love Like Dynamite".

To be honest I wasn't entirely sure at first that this was supposed to be an MV because of how simple it is. All it really shows is the members dancing with different closeups. But they are quite new and I'm pretty sure they're an indie group as well so hopefully their MVs will get better with time.

Some of the camera angles looked a bit awkward and some of the members aren't the best at singing and dancing but I still like it a lot. The song is really catchy. I like all of the outfits apart from Takuya's. That shirt and hat look kinda weird on him, haha. Or maybe it's just me.

Probably my favourite part of the video:

The gif doesn't do it justice. Please tell me I'm not the only one who's hella thirsty for Tsukasa.

Also, did I mishear that or did Takuya just tell me to take off my clothes?

They also uploaded a dance version of this song. I like the choreography a lot!

Here's a video they posted showing the members rehearsing for their debut live that will be held later this month:

Some highlights from the video:

A cute little Takanori to brighten your day.

Takuya getting revenge for the time that Tsukasa did this to him. Featuring Takanori in the background looking at his stomach in the mirror for some reason. I have no idea what's happening here but Tsukasa doesn't look like he's enjoying it.

Sorry, Takanori. It doesn't look like anyone has any sympathy for you.

He will be missed. Just not by his groupmates apparently.

When you go in for the kiss...

But bae isn't having it.

Looks like I'm not the only one who's thirsty for Tsukasa.Takuya, please leave Tsukasa alone. He doesn't look like he's into you.

The great Kazama gives us his autograph.

I don't know about you guys but I think Tsukasa looks even more handsome than usual here. Takanori looks so done.

Finally, here's their dance practice for "YOU'RE SO GOLD":

What do you think of the songs X.E.N.O. have released so far? Is there a particular member who's caught your interest yet? Let me know down below and don't forget to follow my blog to become a member of the #ThirstyForTsukasaSquad.

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