Upcoming Jpop Boy Group Releases for March 2020

Hey there, idol fans! Here are all of the upcoming music releases by Jpop boy groups for the month of February 2020. Enjoy!


Release: 2020.03.02

Type: Single

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BANQUET - Rush Around

Release: 2020.03.04

Type: Single

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Contact+ - Eye Contact

Release: 2020.03.04

Type: Single

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Release: 2020.03.04

Type: Single

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JO1 - Protostar

Release: 2020.03.04

Type: Single

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MATSURI nine. - Teppen New Days

Release: 2020.03.04

Type: Single

The Three Times I Fell For Him | A Short Story About Meeting Your Idol Part 1

So...this is happening, haha. 

While I do also love writing this blog and nonfiction, writing fiction has always been my main passion. As a special Valentine's Day gift to all of you here is a silly little short story I've been working on. I had intended to have the whole thing finished by Valentine's Day but it ended up being way longer than I expected so here is just the first part. The second part should hopefully be out sometime next week. 

It's obviously a little different than the kind of thing I usually post here but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless and Happy Valentine's Day!

The Three Times I Fell For Him, Part 1

Alwyn Foster was perfect for Demi. They had so much in common. For starters, they were both huge nerds who loved video games and comic books. She loved to listen to his insight and mad conspiracy theories about the latest volume of whatever it was they were both reading at the time.

They had the same taste in music. It was difficult for Demi to find others who shared this particular passion, as while she did enjoy cheesy pop songs where the boys who sang them added 'girl' onto the end of every sentence she also had a taste for really obscure micro-genres like emo-pop-screamo-rap-metal. She would always look into the artists that Alwyn recommended and more often than not, end up loving them.

She and Alwyn shared the same sense of humor. It was lazy, cynical, and sarcastic and she often found herself giggling uncontrollably at the dry yet quick-witted comments he made.

Demi and Alwyn had even grown up in the same town. She still remembered the first time she'd met him, in a fast food restaurant of all places. Actually, the place didn't deserve to be called a restaurant, not really. It was a dingy little take-out place that housed only about two or three tables (that were in desperate need of a clean) and the place itself was only one health and safety check away from being shut down. Demi had been working there part-time mainly because her parents wanted her out the house and doing something they deemed useful.

Demi had been the only one working that day. She'd probably been cursing her no-good boss Mr. What's-His-Name for not bothering to show up when she clearly wasn't qualified to be running the shop by herself when Alwyn had stalked through the door. He was handsome, she'd noted but then so were a lot of guys. His lazy green eyes were barely open as he ordered a burger meal to go before slinking over to one of the tables. He made a face at the mess before taking a seat but Demi was too underpaid to care.

She slapped the meal together in a matter of minutes and placed it inside a brown bag on the counter. She called to him a few times but he didn't seem to hear her. He was facing the window with his head resting on one of his hands. She wondered if he'd fallen asleep. She came out from behind the counter and grabbed the take-out bag, intending to bring it to him but somewhere along the way she'd lost her footing and ended up on the floor. The sound of her body smacking against the cold, hard ground had been enough to pull the boy out of his daze and with a cheeky grin he'd turned to her and said,

"We only just met and you're already falling for me."

Demi's cheeks had been burning as he'd helped her to her feet but she couldn't help but laugh at the terrible pun. She was grateful that none of the food had spilled out of the bag at least. He took the bag from her, nodded his thanks, then left without another word. As she watched him go it was only then she'd realized he'd either forgotten to or deliberately decided not to pay but she just shrugged and return to her post behind the counter, deciding it wasn't her problem.

An Introduction to AXXX1S | Group of the Month February 2020

Hey there, idol fans! I'm back with our first featured group of 2020. Let's get started!

AXXX1S (pronounced 'axis') are a now 6-member male idol group that made their debut in 2015 under the name AMAZ (pronounced 'amaze'). In 2019 they underwent a major line-up change and thus changed their name to AXXX1S; Yuuto is the only of the original members left. Their first release as AXXX1S was the album "We Are AXXX1S".

Dance video for "Bakuretsu Hangover", the group's second single.


 Matsushita Rikuto

Member Colour: Green

Date of Birth: 2001.08.12

  • His special skill is playing mobile games.
  • He took part in Danshi Kousei Mr. Con 2018, a kind of competition for high school-aged boys.
  • His hobby is binge-watching dramas on his days off.

 Murahashi Takumi

Member Colour: Red

Date of Birth: 1998.07.21
  • He's a former member of G-BOY'S, the trainee unit of G=AGE.
  • He's a regular model for the fashion magazine Popteen.
  • His hobbies include VOCALOID and utattemita.

 Okada Yuuki

Member Colour: Blue

Date of Birth: 1997.04.07

  • His hobby is watching YouTube videos.
  • His special skill is baseball.
  • Has appeared in the series "Triangle kara Hajimaru Koi".

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