Upcoming Jpop Boy Group Releases for February 2020

Here are all of the upcoming music releases by Jpop boy groups for the month of February 2020. To have all of the latest releases and news sent straight to your inbox once a month be sure to subscribe to the Dansei Idol Girl e-mail newsletter!

ael - Hakugen 


Release: 2020.02.05

Type: Single

Am!station - Cho Zetsu Am!'s San


Release: 2020.02.05

Type: Single

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AMEZARI -RED STARS- with BATTLE BOYS OSAKA - Impulse to the higher / Zubatto! Onomatope!

Release: 2020.02.12

Type: Single

Idol Rewind | My Top 5 Jpop Boy Group Releases of 2019

So yeah, I did this for 2018 so I thought it would be fun to do it for 2019 as well. Admittedly I was a bit AWOL for the latter half of 2019... I had my debut idol performance in August and around that time I moved into my own place as well. Plus the fact that September would mark the beginning of my first year of no longer being a college student so having to start properly looking into finding work and figuring out what I actually want to do has been...interesting to say the least but anyway, even if I wasn't posting I was always there, always lurking. Certain idols I like to stalk online can probably attest to this. So anyway, without further ado, here is my slightly biased top 5 list of Jpop boy group releases from 2019!

1. SUPER★DRAGON - 2nd Emotion

SUPER★DRAGON takes the first spot on this list for the second year in a row! I stand by everything I've said about them in the past; they're just a group that knows no boundaries and is always surprising us with the interesting concepts they come out with and this year they of course didn't disappoint. "2nd Emotion" was their second album and not only did we get two tracks with music videos from it but also a dance version of the main track, not to mention the abundance of extras you got if you bought the disk. There wasn't a single song on this album that I didn't like and it's just good, man. So good.

2. BUZZ-ER. - #BFF

A group of new faces takes the second place spot, and this is also a group that has managed to creep their way into my top 5 male idol groups list this year too. Welcome BUZZ-ER.! BUZZ-ER. actually released 2 albums and a single this year but I chose this particular album because it contains all of the songs from all their other releases as well. Most of BUZZ-ER.'s releases this year have had such a fun dasa-kakkoi (goofy-cool) vibe to them that I absolutely love and all the songs have been so catchy I've been looping them on Spotify for months. 

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