An Introduction to BUZZ-ER. | Group of the Month February 2019

Hey there, idol fans! February's featured group is a somewhat underground group that has caught my attention recently and that group is BUZZ-ER.! Let's take a look at this buzzing rookie group. Sorry/not sorry for the pun.

BUZZ-ER. is a 7-member Japanese male idol group that made their debut in 2017 with the indie single "CAN U FEEL IT?". The group is produced by solo artist KEN. and they seem to already have relationships with other quite significant boy groups (such as Da-iCE and X4), mainly due to KEN. being well-connected in the industry. The group's name was chosen because they wanted to create a "buzz" in the world of Jpop.

 "Waltz", the first music video the group released.





Date of Birth: 1997.11.14

  • He is actually fully Vietnamese.
  • He's a former member of G-EYE, a sub-unit of G=AGE.
  • Very precious and loves all the members dearly.


Date of Birth: 1996.07.19

  • He is a former member of Team Dot (KEN.'s backup dancers).
  • He is also a model.
  • It has actually been hinted at by members of the group as well as KEN. that's he's bisexual but it's never been officially confirmed.


Date of Birth: 1996.04.18

  • One of the main vocalists within the group.
  • He loves fashion and wants to be a model.
  • Loves food and likes to try all different kinds of exotic foods.


Date of Birth: 1995.07.13

  • The main rapper within the group.
  • Is a huge anime nerd. Some of favourites include Naruto and One Piece.
  • He loves sleep and is almost always late because he sleeps in. Saku has commented that he can sleep literally anywhere.


Date of Birth: 1995.05.27

  • His full name is Yamakura Shalf and he is a former Johnny's Jr.
  • He's half-Pakistani on his father's side. He wants to perform in lots of other countries and he seems to be very passionate about the subject of racism.
  • Is addicted to video games.


Date of Birth: 1994.10.29

  • The leader of the group.
  • Like KOHEY, he's a former member of Team Dot (KEN.'s backup dancers).
  • Is the mother of the group who constantly worries about the other members' well-being and safety.


Date of Birth: 1994.10.21

  • One of the main vocalists alongside SHUN.
  • Wants to visit England some day (Please do, I'd love to have you!).
  • Is just generally adorable. He loves chibi anime characters, animals (especially cats), and is very upbeat and friendly. 

Check out the music video for "HONEY BEAT", the main track from BUZZ-ER.'s newest album "CONNECTED" (released 2019.01.23) below!

Official Links:


BUZZ-ER. are a very interesting group. I have a tendency to stalk any boys that were involved with G=AGE in some way, and as a result of this was very happy to discover that former G-EYE member HAU was one of the few boys from that agency who had gone on to join another group. Add that to the fact that this group also had a former Johnny's Jr. member and both boys happened to be foreign (I actually had no idea that HAU was Vietnamese until I discovered he was in BUZZ-ER.) and I was very intrigued. BUZZ-ER.'s songs are very catchy and often have unusual concepts, plus the members all seem very down-to-earth and lovable. I was particularly interested to discover that KOHEY is likely bisexual, and SHALF has spoken out about racial issues in the past. For these and many other reasons I can definitely see BUZZ-ER. creating a "buzz" in the world of Jpop. But what do you think of BUZZ-ER.? Let me know in the comments!

BUZZ-ER.'s official website
Jpop Amino


  1. I wish they had english subs on their videos where they are asked 10 questions. Would love to here their answers.

    1. Same, I need to get better at Japanese so I can translate haha

  2. btw: Yuya is also former Johnny's Jr.


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