Sexy Zone Is A Real Band?! | A Guide for Curious 'Fuller House' Fans

Recently, the Japanese boyband Sexy Zone made a guest apperance on the American Netflix series, Fuller House. The members appeared as themselves and did a short live performance of their self-titled debut song "Sexy Zone". Because of this you can imagine there have been a lot of fans of the show asking questions.

Are Sexy Zone a real band? Where can I listen to their music? What kind of ridiculous name is 'Sexy Zone' anyway?! So since I was/kind of still am a pretty big fan of Sexy Zone, I thought I'd put together a little guide that answers these questions and more.

Who Are Sexy Zone?

Sexy Zone is a 5-member Japanese boyband that debuted in 2011 with the self-titled single, "Sexy Zone". They are part of Johnny's Entertainment; a Japanese agency that is famous for producing boybands. According to the agency's CEO, Johnny Kitagawa the group's name came from "Michael Jackson's sexiness" (you can see a bit of Michael Jackson influence in a lot of their earlier songs such as "Lady Diamond" and "IF YOU WANNA DANCE") and the members were chosen based on the concept of "the sexiness of men". They are currently the youngest group to ever debut from Johnny's Entertainment. The youngest member, Marius was only 11-years-old at the time of their debut.


 Nakajima Kento

The oldest member of the group and the leader. The sparkling, "Prince Charming-like" member. Was known for studying at Meiji Gakuin University (one of the most prestigious universities in Japan) while also balancing his activities as a member of Sexy Zone. He can play the piano and he speaks a little English.

Kikuchi Fuma

Known for being the jokester and picking on the other members, particuraly Marius. Like Kento, he studied at Keio University while working as a member of Sexy Zone. Arguably the most talented singer in the group and often sings live during concerts even when the other members don't.

Sato Shori

The "center" member of the group. Often said to be the best looking. In their earlier songs he was known for always getting a speaking line, such as the popular "Sexy Rose" line from their debut song, "Sexy Zone". He wrote the lyrics for a few of the group's songs including "Kimi no Tame Boku ga Iru" and "Last winter's night" (his solo song).

 Matsushima Sou

Known for his beautiful smile and his dance skills. The only member who can do backflips. Also the only member who has never acted. He's from Shizuoka (while all of the other members aside from Marius are from Tokyo). He was the leader of the temporary sub-group Sexy Show.

Marius Yo

The youngest member of the group and the one you might recognize the most since he played quite a special role in Fuller House! Marius is a quarter Chinese, a quarter Japanese, and half German. He was born in Germany and speaks Japanese, German, and English fluently. He's the "baby" of the group who often gets picked on by the older members. He was the leader of the temporary sub-group Sexy Boyz.

Where Can I Buy Their Music/Watch Their Videos etc.?

That's the bad news. The agency that Sexy Zone are a part of - Johnny's Entertainment - are notirious for making their artist's content a bit difficult to access for viewers outside of Japan. That's why it's such a big surprise for fans that their collaboration with Fuller House even happened in the first place. Some fans are speculating that Sexy Zone's apperance on the show was the first step in the agency's plan to finally start opening up to the overseas market but only time will tell.

As for right now, you sometimes can find videos on YouTube but they will likely be removed for copyright eventually so enjoy them while you can. Their music isn't on iTunes or anything like that so if you want to buy their songs you will have to buy the CDs from Japan *cough* or illegally download them *cough*. A great place to start is the Sexy Zone LiveJournal community.

If you have any more questions feel free to comment below. And yes, we know; Sexy Zone is a weird name, it's creepy that they were called Sexy Zone when the members were so young at the time of their debut etc. Most of us had those same reactions, haha. But anyway, I hope this was helpful and Sexy Thank You (yes, that's a thing we actually say) for reading!

*Just a note, I refer to the members the Japanese way (surname first) aside from Marius because he has a foreign name. So for example, for Kento his surname is Nakajima and his given name is Kento.


  1. I thought that Sou was the leader of Sexy Matsu :/

    1. It's a pun. The character 松 can be read as both matsu and shou (show) ^^

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It is also possible to purchase their CDs & DVDs through Amazon JP as well. I find Amazon to be a bit faster and also all of Sexy Zone CD/DVDs can be shipped worldwide as well!

  4. sorry ; __; I wanted to edit something out but couldn't ...
    Also Thanks for publishing this btw!!

    1. I've never ordered from Amazon JP before, thanks for the tip! And no problem ^^

  5. It's Meiji Gakuin, not Meiji. They are 2 different universities, Meiji Gakuin is a christian university btw.
    Kento majored in sociology at Meiji Gakuin University, the reason why he chose to study there is because his father studied there too.

    1. Oh, I didn't know that! Thanks for the correction c:


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