Upcoming Jpop Boy Group Releases for September 2018

Here are all of the upcoming music releases by Jpop boy groups for the month of September 2018. To have all of the latest releases and news sent straight to your inbox once a month be sure to subscribe to the Dansei Idol Girl e-mail newsletter!

B2takes! - Brand New Anniversary / Not Alone

Release: 2018.09.04

Type: Single

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BREAK☆THROUGH"5D - Viva Viva Bounce!

Release: 2018.09.04

Type: Single

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 Sonar Pocket - Kimi no Namae

Release: 2018.09.04

Type: Single

Sh*tty Noise | My Top 5 SUPER★DRAGON Songs

Hey there, idol fans! If you're in need of some Jpop recommendations then check out my top 5 songs by this month's featured group, SUPER★DRAGON.

1. Get Treasure Journey

This song is an absolute gem. Incorporating the group's usual rap and dubstep-inspired sound with a surprising raggae/dancehall influence, even my dad who has always questioned my interest in Japanese music approves of this song, haha. "Get Treasure Journey" is one of the coupling songs from the group's 3rd single, "Monster!". As much as I love Jean, I feel like some of Supadora songs just don't really fit him very well and the writers are just kind of looking for a place in the song to shove him in just because he's the lead rapper but this is not one of those songs. This song fits him and his voice extremely well in my opinion.

2. City Noise

Another one of the coupling songs from "Monster!", I was in awe the first time I heard "City Noise". It's so modern-sounding and unbelievably catchy that I feel like even people who aren't really into Jpop will like this one. I can't help but giggle a bit though at how Hyoma pronounces "city" as "sh*tty".

3. Ringing, Love

One of the coupling songs from SUPER★DRAGON's most recent single "SWEET DEVIL", I fell in love with "Ringing, Love" instantly the first time I heard it when I attended the SWEET DEVIL Release Event in Chiba. We all know that Tsuyoshi has a gorgeous voice but hearing him sing the "I love you so bad" lines in English in this song gets me every time.

SUPER★DRAGON "SWEET DEVIL" Release Event in Chiba Fan Report | Dansei Idol Girl

Luckily enough for me, while I was in Japan SUPER★DRAGON (this month's featured group) were still in the process of doing their free live tour to promote the release of their newest single, "SWEET DEVIL". So with a lot of confusion and limited Japanese, my dad and I travelled down to Chiba for the day to catch their final performance of the tour.

The live took place in Seven Park Ario, a large shopping mall in Kashiwa. Thankfully there was a bus from Kashiwa Station that stopped directly outside the venue so we managed to get there without too many problems. When we actually got inside the venue though was when I had to properly break out my rusty Japanese for the first time on our trip (other than saying the odd word to people on the street giving us directions and the like) because we had trouble finding the stage so we ended up having to ask a group of giggly young girls holding SUPER★DRAGON uchiwas the way and they told us in a mix of Japanese and English.

Once we found the stage there was still a while before the live was due to start and on our search we'd noticed that there was a TOWER RECORDS inside the shopping mall so we decided to check that out in the meantime. In there I found a copy of the event edition of M!LK's "Ousama no Gyuunyuu" which I've been after for a while so of course I bought it.

We wandered around the mall for a bit more after that and it was then that I started to wonder where everyone had gotten the SUPER★DRAGON uchiwas from. I really wanted one as I thought it would be a great way to remember the event so I asked a couple of fans who were standing nearby and they explained that if we'd have gotten there early enough and bought a copy of "SWEET DEVIL" then we would've gotten a special ticket with it which could have been exchanged for either a picture with the group or an uchiwa. I was a little disappointed we hadn't gotten there in time but I was happy I'd managed to purchase M!LK's album at least and I still had the live to look forward to.

It was almost time for the live to start then so we went outside to the stage. People who had certain ticket numbers were allowed to go closer to the front but since I didn't have a ticket I was near the back but it wasn't overly packed so my view wasn't too bad. I felt sorry for the girl next to me though because she was smaller than me and could barely see so she had to keep jumping all through the live! My dad wandered off to sit on a wall nearby because it was hot, haha.

After an announcement from the staff, the live started and SUPER★DRAGON came running onto the stage to the sound of screaming fangirls. I think Jean was the first member I noticed and I swooned a little when I saw him. He's had blonde hair recently but it was back to brown now which I think suits him better and he had earrings in. He looked so handsome ;-;

An Introduction to SUPER★DRAGON | Group of the Month August 2018

Hey there, idol fans! Welcome to our third edition of Group of the Month. This month's featured group is none other than SUPER★DRAGON! If you missed it, check out last month's group -- M!LK -- here and to be the first to know about next month's group as well as all of the latest news in the world of Jpop boy groups be sure to subscribe to the Dansei Idol Girl newsletter. Feel free to let me know in the comments any groups you'd like to be featured in upcoming months but without further ado, let's get started!

SUPER★DRAGON (also called "Supadora" for short) is a 9-member EBiDAN group that made their performance debut in 2015 with the song "Hack My Choice". Their CD debut though, wasn't until 2016 with the single "Pendulum Beat!", the title track being used as the opening song for the anime "Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V". The group was based around the concept of a fusion between rock, dubstep, and rap and influence from these genres and more can be found in their music. The group is split up into two subgroups; FIRE DRAGON which is the four oldest members and THUNDER DRAGON which is the five youngest members.

"BAD BOY", the first music video the group released.






Shimura Reo

Date of Birth: January 29th 1999

Hometown: Tokyo

  • The oldest member but is very loud and likes to mess around. He often gets told off by those younger than him, haha.
  • The best dancer in the group.
  • Probably gets picked on the most by the other members.

Furukawa Tsuyoshi

Date of Birth: February 27th 2000

Hometown: Tokyo

  • The lead singer of the group. In the group's earlier songs he was the only one who sang any solo lines.
  • He's the best singer in the group and probably one of the best singers in the whole of EBiDAN too.
  • Takes performing very seriously. Sometimes his voice can sound a little strained in concerts because he's probably pushing himself a bit too hard, bless him!

Jean Kaito

Date of Birth: May 4th 2000

Hometown: Tokyo

  • The main rapper of the group. He has a very cool, bad boy kind of vibe to him.
  • He's half-Turkish.
  • He has a very unusual (and pretty weird if I'm honest) fashion sense. No-one really understands his fashion choices apart from him, haha.

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