An Introduction to M!LK | Group of the Month July 2018

Hey there, idol fans! Welcome to our second edition of Group of the Month. This month's group is another one of my personal favourites; M!LK. If you missed it, check out last month's group -- MAG!C☆PRINCE -- here. If you have any suggestions for groups you'd like to be featured in following months don't hesitate to leave a comment below. When a new Group of the Month is announced it will be sent out as part of my monthly e-mail newsletter which will also include all of the latest news in the world of Jpop boy groups, a list of the upcoming releases for the month, and plenty more exciting updates so be sure to sign up. Anyway, let's get started!

M!LK is a 5-member (unfortunately soon to be 4-member) Jpop group that is part of EBiDAN; (Ebisu Gakuen Danji-bu, or Ebisu Academy Boys Club) a division of the agency Stardust Promotion that is responsible for producing male idol groups. They are currently part of EBiDAN Next High (a selection of EBiDAN's younger groups who have the potential to eventually become like the bigger and more experienced groups such as Choutokkyuu and DISH//).

M!LK made their debut in 2015 with the single "Coffee ga Nomemasen" and the title track was used as the ending theme for the anime "Pankisu!". Though prior to this all of the members were active as part of a temporary EBiDAN 39&KiDS unit called Clash,. M!LK fans are called "Milkies".

The music video for the title track of their most recent single, "Bokura Nari Revolution"


Sano Hayato

Date of Birth: March 23rd 1998

Hometown: Aichi

Member Colour etc.: Pink/Strawberry Milk, should be in charge of being cool but is actually a joker

  • The leader and oldest member but is actually just a huge dork.
  • Known for making funny faces at the camera.
  • The only member from EBiDAN OSAKA. He was actually added to the group later on to replace former member Yuuto who left EBiDAN back when they were still Clash,.


Yoshida Jinto

Date of Birth: December 15th 1999

Hometown: Kagoshima

Member Colour etc.: Yellow/Lemon Milk, in charge of tinkering

  • His catchphrase is "Chesuto!" which means to do something without regrets in Kagoshima dialect.
  • He has a very unique dance style.
  • He's called "kime-gao Jinto" -- meaning something like "sexy/sultry-faced Jinto" -- because of the facial expressions he pulls while dancing.

Yamazaki Haruki

Date of Birth: February 15th 2000

Hometown: Osaka

Member Colour etc.: Green/Matcha Milk, in charge of cuteness


  • He's the main singer and centre of the group. Known for his high voice.
  • He loves cute clothes and has an unusual fashion sense.
  • He loves Sanrio characters, particularly Cinnamon.
NOTE: Unfortunately Haruki will be graduating from the group and EBiDAN as of July 31st 2018.

Shiozaki Daichi

Date of Birth: September 11th 2000

Hometown: Wakayama

Member Colour etc.: Blue/Soda Float Milk, in charge of noisiness


  • The clown of the group. Loves to mess around and tease the other members.
  • He's often compared to a rabbit or a squirrel because of his teeth.
  • He plays basketball and is a gymnast.

Itagaki Mizuki

Date of Birth: October 25th 2000

Hometown: Tokyo

Member Colour etc.: Orange/Orange Float Milk, in charge of fashion

  • He's often mistaken for being one of the oldest members due to his height and looks but is actually the youngest.
  • Regarded as the most handsome.
  • He has acted the most in dramas among the members. One notable role he's played is young Kou in "Ao Haru Ride".

Check out this English sub of the group's self-introduction I did below.

M!LK also have an alter-ego group called BLACK M!LK that has a more cool, bad boy kind of style in contrast to M!LK's usual cute and cheery style. BLACK M!LK just recently released their debut album "THE LOCK" on June 13th 2018. You'll find the music video for "MUKATSUKI" below. Looks like since MAGiC BOYZ are disbanding BLACK M!LK are taking over their role as EBiDAN's resident edge lords.

Official Links:


Like Magipri, M!LK is another group that's very dear to my heart. Their songs are so upbeat and catchy, and the members are all so lovable and work well together. Their performances as both M!LK and BLACK M!LK show that the members are varsatile and able to pull off both a "cute" and a more "cool" style which is something I love in a male idol group. They've just been rising higher and higher since their debut and I can't wait to see what they'll do next. Maybe they'll do a collaboration with Magipri someday, haha.

I had planned for M!LK to be this month's featured group a while back, but after the sad news we got last month that Haruki will be graduating from the group it seems like I picked the perfect time as this month will be our last chance to celebrate M!LK as a 5 member group.

What do you think of M!LK? Let me know in the comments. And if you love them as much as I do, be sure to check out the recently opened M!LK Amino.

M!LK's official website
The World M!LK Fangirls Only Knows
EBiDAN International
M!LK's Japanese Wikipedia page


  1. Great post!! ^0^
    Just one correction, the former member was not Yuuma but Yuuto.
    As for the acting I am not the same opinion. Mizuki might have had more roles in dramas but Sano played in much more movies instead. I think it's quite equal how much experience the already gained in acting.

    1. Oops, don't know how I made that mistake! Thanks, I'll correct it

      And ah okay, I see what you mean. I'll change the wording slightly in the point about Mizuki


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