Cows and Flames?! | My Top 5 M!LK Songs

Hey there, idol fans! I'm back with some more song recommendations. Check out my top 5 songs by this month's featured group, M!LK!

1. miruku!

A true throwback song, "miruku!" was one of the first songs that M!LK performed together as a group before their CD debut. It lacked a proper studio release up until late 2017 when it was included as a bonus track on a special edition of the group's debut album, "Osama no Gyuunyuu". This song is super upbeat and catchy, the choreography is adorable, and it's one of the few songs that they perform at almost every concert so it accurately documents how far the group has moved forward since they first performed it at Hoshio Matsuri 2014 (Just compare Mizuki's solo lines from that performance to the most recent one from Haruki's graduation live!).

2. Coffee ga Nomemasen

"Coffee ga Nomemasen" was the title track of M!LK's debut single and was also used as the ending song for the anime "Pankisu!". I personally feel that the group still have yet to release a single that tops this one! This song is so fun and innocent and truly shows what M!LK as a group is all about.

3. Shingakki A La Carte

"Shingakki A La Carte" was actually the first song by M!LK I ever came across and it also seems to be the single that was responsible for a lot of their success in the last few years. The song and music video are both absolutely adorable and it has such a fun wotagei routine that I can't help but get excited whenever I hear it start up during concerts.

4. Fure! Fure! Ore!

"Fure! Fure! Ore!" is the coupling song from Type A of the "Shingakki A La Carte" single and it serves as a cute little introduction to all of the members and the group as a whole. All of the solo lines the members sing are based on their self-introductions and the chorus is full of adorable lyrics describing the group's charms such as "M!LK can be both cute and cool" and "We'll catch up to our senpais!".

5. Ternero Fighter

Ah, "Ternero Fighter". I still have no idea what's going on in this music video. But the song itself is extremely catchy (I especially love the part where each of the members say their names. Haruki's "Yamazaki~~" is too cute live) and I love the weird cow outfits. Terunero terunero terunero~

If we're talking about BLACK M!LK too I also feel I should mention that "MUKATSUKI" is pretty great. But what about you? What's your favourite M!LK (or BLACK M!LK) song? Let me know in the comments!

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