Jpop Boy Groups According to My (ex) Boyfriend

After showing some of my favourite Jpop boy groups to my boyfriend, I found he had some pretty hilarious reactions. Some groups (and particular members) he admitted were pretty good, while others he couldn't stand (what did Jean Kaito ever do to you?).  So I decided to compile some of his funniest reactions to a few of my favourite groups into this post. I may make a part 2 at some point with some different groups.


So first of all, let's start with my favourite group, G=AGE. He didn't like them at all. When I asked him why, he couldn't give me a good reason though. He then proceeded to give each of the members nicknames.

FUMITO: Girly Face/The Frickle Frackler
VASA: Mr. Fabulous
MAHIRO: To quote him, "I can't insult this one, he has a puffer fish face."
TASY: Weird/Creepy Chin
ROI: Pig-Nosed Monkey

He also commented that they looked like mannequins and he couldn't stop laughing at how VASA (or "Mr. Fabulous") would always appear at different times in the "Age of Future" music video with the same deadpan expression. He finds TASY creepy and really doesn't like FUMITO for some reason; he wouldn't stop making fun of his hand movements and facial expressions in the music video.


Much to my surprise, he actually liked them. He didn't have much to say about them other than, "Terunero terunero terunero~" but the members were all lucky enough to recieve nicknames from him as well.

Haruki - Panda Boy (because of the panda he wears on his jacket in the "Shingakki a la Carte" music video)
Mizuki & Daichi - The Fabulous Twins (I have no idea)
Hayato - Guinea Pig Face
Jinto - Creepy Door Guy (because of the scene in the "Kanzen SSD" music video where he shuts himself in the shower)

He laughed a lot at Jinto's dance moves in "Kanzen SSD". According to him, "SSD" stands for "super small d***". He also found this part in the "Ternero Fighter" music video rather amusing. His exact words were, "He (referring to Mizuki) looks like he's enjoying that."


He liked them too. For a while he was confused between them and M!LK so he referred to them as "Magic Milk". As far as he was concerned, Kengo was a girl. No matter how many times I said they're all boys, he still referred to Kengo as "the one girl in the group". For some reason Hikaru reminded him of Michael Jackson and Taishin was given the nickname "The Suspicious Spot" because of the mole on his cheek.


SUPER DRAGON was the one group he hated more than G=AGE. He said it was because they try too hard. The first video I showed him was the music video for "Bad Boy" and to quote him, "Are they going to say anything else in this song besides 'bad boy'?!" I then showed him "Pendulum Beat!" which he wasn't fond of either and finally "Wacha-Gacha!". He said he liked this song and how crazy the music video was.

I showed him a few live videos as well and he admitted that Tsuyoshi was a good singer but he said that whenever Jean started singing he just ruined it. No matter what video or picture I showed him from then on he just kept ripping into Jean and calling him names. When I asked him why he didn't like Jean he said he just didn't. Being mean to my baby Jean-Jean T_T

He said Reo looked like he was too old to be in the group, he thought Hayate was cool because he had a cool name and a "samurai glare", and he thought all of the younger members looked like little girls.

My boyfriend is lovely and I'm so lucky to have someone who's interested in learning about things that I like, even if he does make a lot of sarcastic comments, haha. If you'd like to see his reactions to any other groups then feel free to comment below!

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