BATTLE BOYS Bias | 5 Members You Should Vote For

Hello all, I’m back on another EBiDAN high (pun unintended) so expect a lot of EBiDAN posts over the coming weeks. Today the spotlight’s back on BATTLE BOYS, specifically my favourite members that you should totally vote for ok. But before we get started, let’s check out the current ranking over on the BATTLE BOYS website.

  1. Nagano Ryota
  2. Yamanaka Juutaro
  3. Miyamoto Ryunosuke
  4. Ishii Masaya
  5. Muto Jun
I knew Ryota was pretty popular but I was surprised that he was popular enough to overtake Juutaro for the number 1 spot, considering Juutaro is older and how handsome and cool he is! I’m happy though since I do like Ryota a lot. I’m a little disappointed that Masaya has fallen from the top 3 but at least he’s still in the top 5. I do like Ryunosuke, but Jun I don’t know much about.

Meanwhile my baby Sora has fallen even further down from 6th to 9th place, and my ichiban Jeffrey is all the way down in 16th! Also Yamashita Yue seems to rising slowly up the ranking. Hopefully this post will persuade more people to show them some love, haha. Also be sure to check out this post from the lovely tanoshimitiger if you want a more general introduction to all of the BATTLE BOYS members.

Jeffrey Malone


I really don’t know how to persuade you to vote for Jeffrey because when I try to talk about his good points it just ends up sounding more like I’m insulting him, haha. His dancing is terrible and he’s a huge dork but that’s what makes him loveable. As you can probably tell by the name and the way he looks, he’s not fully Japanese. He’s half-American on his dad’s side and seems to speak a decent amount of English. I wish he’d shown off his English skills a bit in his introduction video; he usually does introduce himself in English durng events. I guarantee if you pay attention to Jeffrey he’ll make you laugh; if not from his awkward dancing and cringey English lines then from his messing around and failing at trying to be cool. All jokes aside, he is a talented boy and does have a lot of cool points. Just check out his special skill in the video above!

Nagano Sora

Doesn’t he just have the cutest smile you’ve ever seen? He seems like such a sweet (and a little bit shy) baby. His dancing is good and he seems to always try his best, but he also has a bit of a silly side which I love. He appeared in quite a lot of the EBiDAN 39&KiDS YouTube lives and he ended up stealing my heart with his cuteness. Apparently he’s younger brother to the current number 1 spot holder, Nagano Ryota. I wish Sora was my little brother!

Ishii Masaya

I probably don’t have to persuade you to vote for Masaya because he’s already a little star in the making, haha. He was in third place for quite a while but recently his ranking has fallen. Hopefully we can get him back up to the top 3! He first stood out to me because of his adorable smile. Like Sora, he often appeatered in a lot of the YouTube lives and ended up grabbing my attention. He’s very charismatic and often does a lot of the talking during lives. I’ll be very surprised if this little cutie doesn’t grow up to be a popular idol.

Yamashita Yue


Yue is such a cute little dork. He tries way too hard to be noticed in videos and can actually be kind of annoying sometimes but that’s why I love him. He apparently speaks English (and Spanish) but I don’t know how good his English really is considering all I’ve ever actually heard him say is, “Hello, my name is Yue Yamashita”. His pronouncation got Jeffrey’s approval though. His catchphrase, “Yuei!” is pretty adorable.

Okura Takato

Takato is one of the older EBiDAN trainees and seems to be pretty popular. He and Jeffrey were like the papa and mama of the STAR BOYS Natsu Team, haha. Takato’s dancing is very impressive and he’s one of the strongest singers in my opinion. He always kind of reminded me of Tsuyoshi and so it's not much of a surprise that he actually admires Tsuyoshi and SUPER★DRAGON quite a lot. He seems very dedicated to his activities within EBiDAN and I think he will end up being a talented idol too. Plus he has an adorable chubby face.

Who are your favourite BATTLE BOYS members? Feel free to show them some love in the comments. And don't forget to head over to to cast your daily vote!


  1. Masaya is a talented boy OMG. He has the aura of an idol, he sings well and he dances well but I don't know why he doesn't in the top 3 TvT Ryouta was the 1st in the ranking "What member do you like most in EBiDAN39&KIDS" in the Ebihon10 so I'm not suprised that he's the 1st in BATTLE BOYS now.

    1. I definitely agree with everything you said about Masaya, he truly does have the aura of an idol <3

      And that's interesting, I didn't know that Ryota was that popular. I'll have to look into those rankings as well.

  2. I like Okura Takato a lot. Like you wrote I also think he is one of the best singer and his dancing is very good too. Also he is very handsome in my opinion and he has a very natural aura when talking on stage.
    And I like Jeffrey too. He really is a huge dork but your so true with saying that this makes him so lovable. He always makes me smile when I see him trying his hardest especially with dancing. I loved his performance at the Otoko Hoshi Sai 2017. His rap/singin sounded pretty good and his dancing was better then usual.
    Thanks for this awesome post! ^0^

    1. I haven't gotten round to watching this year's Hoshio Matsuri yet but I'm looking forward to seeing how well Jeffrey and everyone else did and how much they've improved since the last one.

      Thank you for your lovely comment as always <3

  3. I made my Natsu Team members ranking in my blog and Takato is just my number 4, but actually I admire him so much. I can see how much he dedicated to Ebidan activities and I really love how he always takes care the other members too. Honestly I like Yoshizawa Kaname but when he got 10th rank and made Takato fell to rank 11 I was really disappointed ;;; I know Takato deserves more. Thanks for putting our beloved Ebidan Tokyo's papa here ;A;

  4. Hello, do you know where Jeffrey is now? :0 I've been saerching for him but can't seem to find anything after 2018.

    1. I wish I knew! I know that there were some strange rumours about him circulating and then all of a sudden he disappeared. I hope he's doing okay ):


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