My Top 5 non-Johnny's Entertainment Jpop Boy Groups (Update 2017)

When I was on break from blogging, I found myself nosing around my old blog for a bit of inspiration. While reading one of my personal favourite posts from that blog - my top 5 non-JE boy groups post - I realized that my list had changed somewhat. Be it due to groups disbanding, me discovering new groups, or just simply developing more passion for the groups I already knew and loved. So without further ado, here is my 2017 update of my top 5 favourite Japanese boybands outside of Johnny's Entertainment! These are of course my favourite groups and not neccessarily the "best" groups so be prepared for a lot of personal bias, haha.

5. X.E.N.O. Project 


X.E.N.O. Project are a 4-member indie group that debuted earlier this year. They haven't released any CDs yet, but they're actively doing performances around Japan and have a few dance practices up on their YouTube channel.

The reason why I became interested in X.E.N.O. in the first place was because I was a huge fan of the group G=AGE and all 4 members of X.E.N.O. used to be members of G=AGE's trainee unit, G-BOY'S. I looked them up out of curiously and although their videos and singing aren't that great, their songs are all pretty catchy and I ended up falling in love with all of the members.

My Ichiban: Tsukasa #ThirstyForTsukasaSquad
My Favourite Song: Shake It! BOUNCE

4. Choutokkyu 


If you're into Jpop boy groups then I'm sure you know Choutokkyu. Also known as Bullet Train, they are a 7-member group from EBiDAN made up of 5 "front dancers" and 2 "back vocalists". They have a very upbeat, colourful, and slightly over-the-top image.

Choutokkyu was one of the first groups I discovered and while I'm not as big a fan of them as I used to be, they still hold a special place in my heart for that reason. They're a reasonably accessible group for new fans, their songs are catchy as heck, and their fans tend to be absolutely bonkers (in a good way!).

My Ichiban: Kai (blue)
My Favourite Song: Battaman



SUPER★DRAGON is a 9-member EBiDAN group that made their major debut in 2016. Their music is typically dubstep, rock, and rap-inspired so they have a more bad boy/Kpop-ish kind of image and sound compared to some of EBiDAN's other groups.

Initially I wasn't fond of SUPER★DRAGON. I tend to prefer more cute and upbeat groups and I also felt like they tried a bit too hard to be "bad boys" when some of the members just didn't fit that kind of image at all. I don't know how but they eventually ended up growing on me. Their cool and catchy songs, the talents of the members (particularly Tsuyoshi's amazing vocals), plus the "cool" style of the older members, balanced out by the cuteness of the younger members somehow pulled me in.

My Ichiban: Raku
My Favourite Song: Kitto Zettai



MAG!CPRINCE is a 5-member group primarly based in Nagoya. The group's concept is "handsome boys you'd want to be your son". This group has a very cute, upbeat, and innocent (although sometimes a bit fanservicey hurhurhur) vibe to them.

Why do I like Magipri? Kengo. Okay, that's not the only reason but Kengo was one of the main reasons I was attracted to the group in the first place. As I've probably mentioned before, cute idol boys are my weakness so Kengo was and still is the love of my life lol. It also helps that he's a huge idol fanboy himself. But Kengo bias aside, all of the members of Magipri are so loveable and you can truly see how close to each other they are. Their songs are so simple and fun to sing along to.

My Ichiban: Kengo (Such a surprise, right?)
My Favourite Song: Clap Your Hands

1. M!LK 


M!LK is another 5-member group also from EBiDAN. Alongside SUPER★DRAGON, they are one of the most popular of the younger EBiDAN groups. They have a very cute and innocent "little brother-like" feel to them. I've probably spent more money on M!LK-related things than any other Japanese artist. Haruki's smile gives me life. Please send help.

My Ichiban: Haruki
My Favourite Song: Coffee ga Nomemasen

Do you like any of these groups? Or is your list completely different to mine? Let me know in the comments.


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