Talking to the Producer of COLORFUUUL | Japan's First All-Foreign Male Idol Group

Hey all! Some of you may remember a while back I did a blog post about Guyjin48; a male idol group made up solely of foreigners living in Japan. I've been following them since then, but understandably since they were just getting started things were a bit quiet on their end for a while. Just recently though they unveiled that they have now changed their name to COLORFUUUL and are getting ready to release their first single, "Rock'n Roll Guy" (which is a total jam by the way). Plus just a side note that I was pretty happy about myself: that blog post I wrote has actually been featured on the group's new website.

As you can imagine, I'm very keen to support this project so expect to see quite a few posts about them as things start to unfold. I also did a reaction video about them just last week (My first ever YouTube video -- yikes!) so check that out below if you're interested.

Recently I was in contact with the owner/producer/possibly overlord of COLORFUUUL, James Collins and I was lucky enough to be able to ask him a few questions about the group:

DIG: What initially gave you the idea to start an idol group? 

JC: Well when I first moved to Japan 5 years ago I was looking for any way possible to study Japanese. I was teaching English so even though I was living in Japan I was using my native language English most of the day. I decided to check out Japanese music so I could listen and practice Japanese in my free time. That’s when I first came across Japanese idol groups and I immediately thought how interesting it would be to have a group of all foreigners doing the same thing! Of course at first I didn’t know that I would actually go through with the idea 4 years later, but for some reason I kept thinking about it, asked a ton of people what they thought of the idea, and even presented a speech about it in my Japanese language school I started attending a year later. Finally one day I thought that if I were to actually make this happen it would be now or never so I published my first ad looking for members in December of 2016. 

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