Top 3 Underground Male Idol Groups I'm Watching Right Now | Studying Abroad in Japan


So...hi lol.

I'm not even going to say anything about my lack of updates at this point. 

I have some exciting news though. If you follow me elsewhere on social media you probably already know but I recently started living in Japan! I'll be studying here for a year as part of my university degree in Japanese Studies. 

So as I'm sure you can imagine, I'm very much back on my idol bullshit. Being really interested in Jfashion, I spend a lot of time (and money lol) in and around Harajuku. Towards the end of last month I decided to take a spontaneous trip to JOL, a venue on Takeshita Street that hosts free idol lives almost every day (it's the same venue I met Vipera at during my first trip to Japan in 2018). Since it's been like 5 years since I was last in Japan, many of the underground idol groups I used to like have since disbanded so I thought going to JOL would be a good way to get an idea of what kind of groups are about now. 

The first time I went, the groups performing that day were Mikazuki and Argonaut. I'd listened to a few of their songs online before the live but I was mostly going in blind. I honestly had so much fun and was reminded of why I'd always loved idols so much. It then became a habit for me to go to JOL whenever I wasn't busy with uni work or other things, on the look out for my next favourite group and oshi member.

After about 2 months living here in Tokyo, here are the 3 groups I've fallen for the most!





ED∞EN are a 5-member group that debuted in August 2023. The theme of the group is angels and devils, thus the members are split up into two teams; Team White (Nagi, Kotaro, and Kai) and Team Black (Sakatie and Minato). I first saw ED∞EN at JOL back in September and even I'm surprised at how quickly they became my favourite group. I've met the members quite a few times and they're all so adorable and are always really sweet to me.

My oshi: Nagi

My favourite song: Forbidden Fruits ~Kindan no Kajitsu~







AromaFancy are a now 8-member group that originally debuted as 6 members in 2022. If you love groups with a fun, cutesy concept then this is the group for you! I first saw them at a paid event in Shibuya and my heart literally melted. They have a lot of fun calls for the audience to participate in.

My oshi: Yuri (pink)

My favourite song: Bergamot






Protea* (read as 'by Protea') are a 7-member group that debuted in August 2023. They have many really catchy songs and do a lot of funny bits in their lives such as introducing themselves with different themes (e.g. pretending to be kids on their first day at school). I discovered Protea* at the same event that I first saw AromaFancy at and have been to see them twice since. Their vibe - even when off-stage - is very energetic and friendly. The members often make fun of me at their fan-meetings for my awkwardness lol

My oshi: Motomu (green)

My favourite song: Feeling so free

If you'd like a more in-depth post about any of these groups let me know! More EDEN posts are definitely coming. Are you interested in any of these groups? Let me know what you think of them in the comments!

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