Sh*tty Noise | My Top 5 SUPER★DRAGON Songs

Hey there, idol fans! If you're in need of some Jpop recommendations then check out my top 5 songs by this month's featured group, SUPER★DRAGON.

1. Get Treasure Journey

This song is an absolute gem. Incorporating the group's usual rap and dubstep-inspired sound with a surprising raggae/dancehall influence, even my dad who has always questioned my interest in Japanese music approves of this song, haha. "Get Treasure Journey" is one of the coupling songs from the group's 3rd single, "Monster!". As much as I love Jean, I feel like some of Supadora songs just don't really fit him very well and the writers are just kind of looking for a place in the song to shove him in just because he's the lead rapper but this is not one of those songs. This song fits him and his voice extremely well in my opinion.

2. City Noise

Another one of the coupling songs from "Monster!", I was in awe the first time I heard "City Noise". It's so modern-sounding and unbelievably catchy that I feel like even people who aren't really into Jpop will like this one. I can't help but giggle a bit though at how Hyoma pronounces "city" as "sh*tty".

3. Ringing, Love

One of the coupling songs from SUPER★DRAGON's most recent single "SWEET DEVIL", I fell in love with "Ringing, Love" instantly the first time I heard it when I attended the SWEET DEVIL Release Event in Chiba. We all know that Tsuyoshi has a gorgeous voice but hearing him sing the "I love you so bad" lines in English in this song gets me every time.

4. Monster!

"Monster!" is the title track from SUPER★DRAGON's 3rd (and so far best, in my opinion) single. I was addicted to this song for weeks when the music video first came out and for weeks after that when I finally managed to buy it on iTunes. It has one of my favourite choreographies from the group too.

5. Mada' Mada'

This song will get stuck in your head. I've been singing "Mada mada mada mada mada~" constantly for the last week. "Mada' Mada'" is one of the coupling songs from their 2nd single "Wacha-Gacha!" and seems to always be a crowd-pleaser at their lives. Also I had no idea Jean cursed in this song until I read the lyrics in this video, haha.

Choosing my top 5 Supadora songs was much harder than it was to choose for any of the groups from previous months simply because I don't think there's a single SUPER★DRAGON song I don't like. One thing I love about SUPER★DRAGON is that their music incorporates all sorts of different genres and you never really know what they're going to do next. Surprisingly, most of these were coupling songs and there's only one main song on this list (although I do of course love all their main songs too)!

What's your favourite SUPER★DRAGON song? Let me know in the comments.

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