Sexy...Zone? | Thoughts on Sexy Zone's 'Fuller House' Cameo

A few days ago, the episode of Fuller House that features our precious baby Marius Yo was released on Netflix. I spent a few days catching up on the series since I was a little behind and now I was finally able to watch it. So here is a brief review kind of thing with a focus on Sexy Zone's apperance. If you want to watch the episode yourself it's season 3 episode 10.

Marius' first apperance happens when characters Ramona and Jackson are exploring the streets of Harajuku. Ramona is upset that her ex-boyfriend Popko is already seeing other girls and carelessly walks out into the street. A motorcyle is speeding towards her but just at the last minute Marius jumps in and saves her from getting hit. For the two it's love at first sight and Marius invites her to meet him at Tokyo Dome later that day without even telling her his name. Lucky girl!

Later, Jackson and Ramona arrive at Tokyo Dome but Ramona's true love is nowhere to be found. That is until the concert starts and she's surprised to see him on stage. It made me laugh how Jackson said "Sexy...Zone?" because I remember when I was a huge fan of them and people would always have that confused reaction to hearing the group's name for the first time.

Marius gestures for Ramona to join the group on stage and they dance to their debut song, "Sexy Zone" together. Ramona finally learns Marius' name from the crowd of happy fangirls cheering it lovingly while waving their penlights. Ramona asks why he never told her that he was in a boyband to which Marius ever-so-modestly replies, "I thought you knew! I'm a little famous." Can this please happen to me when I eventually go to Japan?!

The crowd are happily chanting the group's name and then Shori does his signature "Sexy Rose" line and I was kind of fangirling a bit. Okay, a lot.

I'm sure if this were real life the fans wouldn't be so thrilled to see a girl get up on stage to flirt with their precious idol Marius but when the song ends they clap for her anyway. Also Sexy Zone may have found a new fanboy.

I did actually quite enjoy the rest of this episode as well. I've seen a lot of American shows and movies where the protagonists visit Japan and they usually tend to be kind of...terrible. It's almost as if they don't do any research about the country at all and just go for the most stereotypical things they can think of. Of course this episode wasn't perfectly accurate (I wouldn't expect it to be anyway, I know it's supposed to be entertaining, not educational haha) but it was still a more decent representation than most. Max, Rose, and Fernando visiting Sanrio Puroland was pretty nice to see. Way to go Fernando, men can like Sanrio too. Also the opening song being in Japanese was a nice touch.

All in all, I hope this opens up even more opportunities for Sexy Zone. If just one person decides to look them up and ends up becoming a fan of them from seeing them in this episode then I'll be happy. Maybe Johnny's Entertainment will be forced to up their game a little with the international market, who knows? It would kind of suck if loads of people were looking them up right now and they couldn't find a single song because of how annoyingly strict JE are with copyright.

But what do you think? Did you like this episode? How do you think Marius did? Let me know down below!


  1. Even though i saw the clip on Youtube i still want to watch the full episode but i dont have a netflix account lol
    Hope this means good things are comming for Sexy Zone's future :)
    i liked how Jackson ended up liking SZ, i thought they would go for the classic ''boy disgusted by boyband'' route...but as a boy who loves SZ im glad

    1. I was happy about that too! It was cute how he was cheering for them haha

    2. and when he thought marius was pointing at him lol

  2. I'm a new fan after watching this episode, my friends and i watch the episode and got curious about sexyzone but it was so hard to find their music so at the end i was the only one who decided to stan them, defenetly a good choice

    1. Oh awesome! I'm glad you like them~

      If it helps you can check out my guide to Sexy Zone too, it has some basic information for new fans ^^


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