The Majibo Experience | Thoughts on MAGiC BOYZ' "Dai Ichi Ji Seicho Ki ~Baby to Boy~"

Now, MAGiC BOYZ do have a bit of a reputation for being weird. When they first debuted I thought they were pretty funny in a cute way. These adorable, seemingly innocent Japanese schoolboys rapping to some sick beats didn't seem to fit right at all and that's what made them so entertaining. Yes, I did in fact just say 'sick beats'.

But then they got older, members graduated, and new members joined. It stopped being cute and just got kind of awkward. I was constantly asking; how are they still going? What audience are they even targeting? Who is even buying their CDs?! They're like a bad parody of hip-hop, but at the same time it seemed like they were actually legit trying sometimes? Someone help them.

As objectively terrible as Majibo are, I still fell for them. Their songs are catchy as heck and the members are all lovable dorks. Their concerts look like so much fun too. Basically, I am Majibo's target audience; someone who just loves male idols regardless of how weird and whacky they are. Sure, the members might not be the most talented but it's their imperfections and the bond they share with their fans that keeps me coming back for more. I've bought several of their CDs and I'm only a little ashamed.

On August 30th of this year, Majibo released their first album. I had been putting off buying it for a while since it was quite expensive but much to my surprise, I recently discovered that it was up on iTunes. MAGiC BOYZ' releases did used to be put up on iTunes for overseas fans to buy but for some reason they stopped after their 3rd single. It's nice to see that their label has remembered the overseas fans again, and buying the album on iTunes obviously turned out to be much cheaper than getting the whole physical CD shipped from Japan.

"Dai Ichi Ji Seicho Ki ~Baby to Boy~" comes in three editions; the regular edition that has 16 tracks, the collab edition that comes with an extra disc that features all of the songs Majibo have done in collaboration with other artists, and a special HMV-only edition that comes with all of the same tracks from the other versions plus a DVD and a photobook. The iTunes version contains all of the songs from each version.

All together the album has 20 tracks; all of the songs from their previous singles (both main and coupling songs) and 5 new songs. All of the songs that were released prior to Yuzu and Futo's graduation were re-recorded for the album.

First of all, the re-recorded versions of their old songs. It's no surprise that the new versions all sound much better. Ryuto and Touma's rapping has improved and it's nice to be able to hear Mahiro's voice in songs that he was previously just the DJ for. Parts in songs such as "Ari no Mama de Majibo" and "illson" (Yay, that demonic-sounding chorus is gone!) that used to be painful for me to listen to now sound a lot more pleasant. "Ore Desho??" even has a new instrumental which I like a lot.

One thing I especially loved was during the new version of their debut song, "MAGiC SPELL ~Kake Chau Zo! Pi Pi Pi~" there's a small part in the instrumental where Joe does a little shout out to all of the former members. I'm a little disappointed about the new version of "Choshinotteru" though. It's one of my favourite songs by Majibo and I don't know why but I just don't like it as much as the original.

As for the new songs, "Hamidasu" has to be my favourite. It's not technically a "new" song; they've performed it a few times at their concerts but this is the first time it's been released on a CD. "Party Shiyou yo", a collab they did with artist YURI is also pretty good and probably one of their most normal songs to date, haha. The music video is too cute!

I still can't get over Ryuto swearing in "DK GO!!" and "Ore no Kami wa Kuro" is weird as heck. The music video gave me nightmares.

"Majibo no Theme ~Baby to Boy~" is okay but "Demo, Dame, Zettai" I didn't like much. The chorus was catchy but I found the way it was autotuned to sound "robotic" a bit annoying.

Majibo losing so many members since their debut can obviously be viewed as a negative thing but I also think it adds to the group's unique charm. Being able to compare the original versions of Majibo's songs with these new versions is something you wouldn't really get with another group. For this reason I actually think I like Majibo's debut album more than M!LK's. It's another thing that makes being a fan of Majibo a quite unique experience compared to other EBiDAN groups.

I also feel that since Majibo aren't as popular as other groups they are able to have a much more intimate relationship with their fans. Their concerts are a lot smaller and I've heard from someone who's actually been to a few of their lives that they often remember specific fans and tease or make jokes with them during talk segments.

But what do you think of MAGiC BOYZ? Maybe I've persuased you to give them a chance? Do you like the album? Let me know down below.


  1. Honestly I also think their music was kinda..weird since way back then lol so I never care for them but watching their party shiyou that you put here.. it was good and I really like it? I think if they made more songs like that they'll get more popular :")

    1. Party Shiyou yo is definitely one of my favourite songs by them. I agree, they should do more songs like that ^^


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