A Look at LGBT+ (Male) Jpop Idols | LGBT History Month

Idols often can't even be open about something as simple as being in a romantic relationship, so I'm sure you can imagine how difficult it would be for an idol to come out as being LGBT+. Honestly there are lots of idols who I'd be willing to bet money on the fact that they're gay (or otherwise not straight) but obviously can't admit to it for fear of it negatively impacting their career and/or other's opinions of them.

While it's not an extremely common thing, there are a handful of male idols who are out and proud and even some groups that use being LGBT+ as a large part of their concept, making it their mission to raise awareness about LGBT+ issues around Japan. Let's take a look at some of these idols in this post. Also fun fact: I didn't actually know that February was LGBT History Month when I planned to do this post, haha.

It has been hinted at by other members of the group and their producer KEN. alike that KOHEY -- member of this month's featured group BUZZ-ER. -- is bisexual. This concept was explored in a series of short videos they did in conjunction with their second single "Waltz", where KOHEY is portrayed as having feelings for fellow member SHALF while the latter is oblivious to it and is in a relationship with a girl. While KOHEY himself has never outright said he's bisexual, here's a quote from him that heavily suggests as such:

"If I like a person, I will like them for who they are NOT what they are. If they're a good and kind person, then I don't mind falling in love with that person." 

Source: Jpop Amino

Next on the list is a group which has now unfortunately disbanded but are still very much worth mentioning. SECRET GUYZ was a 3-member male idol group from Stardust Promotion. The twist however, was that all three of the members were FTM transgender. They performed at many Pride events and their aim was to increase knowledge and acceptance of transgender people in Japan.

Another 3-member group, ENVii GABRIELLA are an independent unit made up solely of gay men. All of the members previously worked as soloist in other areas.

Similar to ENVii GABRIELLA, Nichome no Sakigake Coming Out (also known as Nicho Hello, Sakigake, or simply Gay Idol) are a 4-member idol group made up completely of gay men. Their catchphrase, "I'm gay but I can be an idol." says it all.

Although not technically LGBT+ in their image, I feel dansou (girls-dressed-as-guys) groups Fudanjuku and THE HOOPERS also deserve a mention here. It may have been unintentional but to me their concept is definitely like a nod to those that identify as nonbinary, genderfluid, or otherwise genderqueer.

This post was a short one, since as previously mentioned LBGT+ idols aren't exactly commonplace but things are slowly changing for the better and I hope that in the future we'll have plenty more openly LGBT+ idols! What do you think of this topic? Let me know in the comments.


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