Idol Rewind | My Top 5 Jpop Boy Group Releases of 2018

Another year of fangirling done, except this wasn't just any other year. Within EBiDAN specifically there were quite a few sad times with members leaving left and right (check out Angi's post about that here) but we also had some huge accomplishments for our boys like with Bullet Train's MAMA performance. MEN'S PANIC -- a festival just for male idols -- was held for the first time and on a more personal note my lifelong dream of going to Japan finally came true. DA PUMP broke the Oricon charts with an unexpected jam and we also had the debut of Japan's very first all-foreign male idol group. I wonder what 2019 will hold for us? But before we start thinking about that let's take a look back at 2018 with a few of my favourite releases from this year.

 1. SUPER★DRAGON - Monster!

"Monster!" is the 3rd single from SUPER★DRAGON and has to be my favourite of their releases thus far, not just because of the main song but all of the coupling songs are extremely lit. I'm always going on about "Get Treasure Journey" but seriously, if you haven't already do yourself a favor and listen to it.


"SWEET DEVIL" is SUPER★DRAGON's 4th single and it had just come out around the time that I was in Japan so the group performed it both times that I saw them live during my trip. Hearing both the main song and the single's coupling tracks brings back great memories of both lives and is a large part of what's made SUPER★DRAGON my favourite group this year (RIP M!LK).

3. MAG!C☆PRINCE - Bel!ever

The main reason I like this one is probably because it's now available internationally on both iTunes and Spotify. All of the songs are jams. Buy the album. Stan Magipri.

4. BOYS AND MEN Kenkyuusei with Wada Akiko - Ai wo Ganbatte

I'm probably a bit biased with this one. I'm sure by now most of you know the story of how my favourite group G=AGE disbanded. G=AGE also had a trainee unit called G-BOY'S and my favourite member of said trainee unit was a little cutie by the name of Takagi Hiroyuki. I found out earlier this year that the very same Hiroyuki was now a member of BOYS AND MEN Kenkyuusei Tokyo, and even better he was chosen to take part in the recording of this single. He's near the back and can hardly be seen for most of the video but I'm still proud of my little bun, plus this song is really catchy and fun regardless.

5. DA PUMP - U.S.A.

Dare I call this song the Jpop song of the year? It literally never dies. Fun fact: my favourite genre of music besides Jpop is actually Eurobeat so "U.S.A." being a Japanese cover of an old Eurobeat song makes it a combination of two of my favourite things. Plus who doesn't love the cheesy dance moves?

What were your favourite Jpop releases this year? Let me know in the comments!

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