Watch Out for the Jams | My Top 5 Da-iCE Songs

Hey there, idol fans! If you're looking for some song recommendations for this month's featured group then look no further. Today I'll be sharing with you all my top 5 songs by Da-iCE. Let's get started!


The main song from Da-iCE's fifth major single, "BILLION DREAMS" is a total jam. It's one of the songs that gets stuck in your head for days after just listening to it once.


The first song by Da-iCE I ever came across and it caused me to fall in love with them instantly. It's catchy as heck and I love the English version just as much as the Japanese. The B-side track from this single, "Sora" is also pretty amazing and both songs take me back to around the time when Da-iCE had their first ever overseas live in the US.

3. Splash

I'm a sucker for a good debut song and "Splash" definitely does not disappoint. From the group's self-titled indie debut mini album, this one is always a crowd-pleaser at lives.

4. Hush Hush 

"Hush Hush" is the main song from Da-iCE's third major single and I was addicted to it when I first discovered it. It's another really great one at lives due to its fun wotagei routine.

5. what you say

Surprisingly the only non-main song on this list, "what you say" is one of the tracks from Da-iCE's first full-length album "FIGHT BACK". I could honestly listen to this one on repeat for days.

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