An Introduction to AXXX1S | Group of the Month February 2020

Hey there, idol fans! I'm back with our first featured group of 2020. Let's get started!

AXXX1S (pronounced 'axis') are a now 6-member male idol group that made their debut in 2015 under the name AMAZ (pronounced 'amaze'). In 2019 they underwent a major line-up change and thus changed their name to AXXX1S; Yuuto is the only of the original members left. Their first release as AXXX1S was the album "We Are AXXX1S".

Dance video for "Bakuretsu Hangover", the group's second single.


 Matsushita Rikuto

Member Colour: Green

Date of Birth: 2001.08.12

  • His special skill is playing mobile games.
  • He took part in Danshi Kousei Mr. Con 2018, a kind of competition for high school-aged boys.
  • His hobby is binge-watching dramas on his days off.

 Murahashi Takumi

Member Colour: Red

Date of Birth: 1998.07.21
  • He's a former member of G-BOY'S, the trainee unit of G=AGE.
  • He's a regular model for the fashion magazine Popteen.
  • His hobbies include VOCALOID and utattemita.

 Okada Yuuki

Member Colour: Blue

Date of Birth: 1997.04.07

  • His hobby is watching YouTube videos.
  • His special skill is baseball.
  • Has appeared in the series "Triangle kara Hajimaru Koi".

 Hoshino Eisei

Member Colour: Orange

Date of Birth: 1997.02.05

  • His hobbies include watching movies, anime, baseball, and YouTube videos.
  • His special skill is cooking.
  • He's the only member of the group with the AB blood type.

 Naruse Hikari

Member Colour: Purple

Date of Birth: 1996.05.13
  • His special skill is playing video games.
  • He enjoys watching soccer games.
  • He's the tallest member of the group at 180cm.

 Miyatsuki Yuuto

Member Colour: Yellow

Date of Birth: 1992.10.25

  • The last remaining original member of the group. He performed in AMAZ under the name "Ishii Yuuto".
  • He's the shortest member of the group at 165cm, despite being the oldest.
  • He's the member with the most experience. His self-professed special skills are dancing and talking to the audience. 


Official Links


AMAZ was a group that had been on my radar since their first single "WiLD FiGHTERS" but since the single was kind of hard to get a hold of at the time and I wasn't super, super interested in them they kind of faded into the background. I became interested again though, when I discovered that they'd changed their name to AXXX1S and their music was now available on iTunes and Spotify. They'd lost a lot of members in that time but I was happy to see that my favourite member Yuuto was still around which rarely happens for me; my favourite is usually the first to quit! I was officially sold though when I was looking at their member profiles on the website and saw a familiar face. 'His name is Takumi,' I thought. 'Surely he's not the same Takumi that I'm thinking of?' He indeed was; Murahashi Takumi, the former G-BOY'S member. I've been listening to their songs on Spotify and they're very cute and do show a lot of promise. I'm excited to hear more from them.

What do you think of AXXX1S? Have any of the members caught your eye? Let me know in the comments!

AXXX1S official website

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