EBiDAN's International Members

I recently renewed my subscription to Stardust Channel because I missed being able to watch EBiDAN concerts. I couldn't have picked a better time because EBiDAN THE LIVE was actually livestreaming on there yesterday and I managed to catch some of it! I really enjoyed what I saw and can't wait to see the full thing but I'll hopefully talk about EBiDAN THE LIVE more in another blog post.

For the last week or so I've been catching up on videos on Stardust Channel that I'd missed or hadn't watched since I temporarily cancelled my subscription. One such video was the recording of Hoshio Matsuri 2015, a concert for the EBiDAN 39&KiDS members. One particular part of that concert I found interesting was a short corner where some of the international members were interviewed. It was very cute. The members spoke in their native languages (mostly English), answering questions such as where their parents were from and what kind of things they associate with Japan.

Inspired by this and also my recent interest in the 39&KiDS units ZeBRASTAR and AMEZARI -RED STARS- which both contain foreign members, I thought I'd put together a general introduction post to EBiDAN's international members for anyone else who might be interested.

Jean Kaito

Date of Birth: 2000.05.04

Birthplace: Tokyo

I'm sure most EBiDAN fans have probably heard of Jean before since he's pretty hard to miss, haha. He's the main rapper in the group SUPER★DRAGON. He's half-Turkish. You can follow his joint Instagram account with Tsuyoshi here.

Jeffrey Malone

Date of Birth: 2003.05.30

Birthplace: Kanagawa Precture

Jeffrey is currently a member of the trainee unit STAR BOYS. He was one of the boys interviewed at Hoshio Matsuri. He's half-American on his dad's side and seems to be fluent in English.

Night Andrew

Date of Birth: 2005.11.26

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Night is a member of the group ZeBRASTAR (formerly known as LittleE). Within the group he is in charge of their "global image". He was born in Hong Kong but moved to Japan with his family when he was a baby. He's half-British and speaks English fluently.


Date of Birth: 2006.01.27

Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture

From EBiDAN OSAKA, Jay is one of the dancers in the group AMEZARI -RED STARS-. He's half-American. You can follow his Instagram here.

 Ishida Rowen

Date of Birth: 2003.06.15

Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture 

Rowen is also from EBiDAN Osaka and a member of AMEZARI -RED STARS-. He's one of the singers of the group. He's half-Canadian and speaks English fluently. He has a younger brother who is also a member of EBiDAN Osaka. You can follow his Instagram here.

Ishida Noel

Date of Birth: 2006.12.29

Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture

Noel is the younger brother of Rowen so of course he's also half-Canadian. He isn't currenly in a group as far as I know. 

Have any of the boys caught your interest? Are any of them from your country?  Let me know in the comments.

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