EBiSSH Member Ranking | EBiDAN Member Ranking Week 2

Wow, we're already on our 2nd week of our EBiDAN ranking series! This week it was Angi's turn to choose which group we did and she chose EBiSSH. I didn't know very much about EBiSSH beforehand - I only really knew that one of the members, Naoya was Takuya from Bullet Train's younger brother - so this gave me a great opportunity to get to know them a little better.

This post might be a little shorter than my M!LK post last week since I'm still getting to know EBiSSH and haven't been a fan of theirs as long as I have been of M!LK but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! Here's my ranking of the members of the group EBiSSH.


As always I end up liking the cutest member the most, haha. KOHKI is the youngest member of EBiSSH yet he's so tall! He seems a bit shy which I find adorable and he has such a sweet shy smile and a cute laugh.


TETTA seems to be the most lovey-dovey with the other members. He's always cuddling, kissing, or otherwise touching one of them which I find really cute and funny. He's also the member who makes me laugh the most and I really like his singing voice.

3) REI

REI is one of the best dancers in the group from what I've seen and his singing is good too. He wears glasses sometimes and I think he looks really handsome in them.


NAOYA was the first member of EBiSSH that I became familliar with since he's Takuya's younger brother. He and Takuya look so much alike and they're really adorable together. I find NAOYA's "tsundere" personality really cute.

I really ended up liking their former member, HAYATO as well. It's a shame he left; I think he would've become my favourite member.

Are you interested in EBiSSH? Who are your favourite members? Let me know down below and check out Angi's ranking here!

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