SUPER★DRAGON Member Ranking | EBiDAN Member Ranking Week 3

Now we're on week 3 of the EBiDAN collab and this time it was my turn to choose the group again so I chose SUPER★DRAGON! Ranking the members was pretty hard to do since they're such a big group and I love them all so much. But anyway, here it is and I hope you enjoy it~


1) Shibasaki Raku

It kind of makes me laugh sometimes how Raku's in a group like SUPER★DRAGON that has such a "bad boy-like" image yet he appears so cute and innocent. He has such a sweet smile and laugh. He seems really shy most of the time; he doesn't talk much and is really soft-spoken which is the cutest thing ever in my opinion. He does have a bit of a silly, playful side as well though which I love (like when he purposely jumps in front of the camera or keeps poking one of the other members while they're trying to talk). Raku is definitely the baby of the group. Not just because he's the youngest but also how he acts with the other members. He's the most touchy-feely one; he's almost always clinging to one of the others, usually Koki. He doesn't sing much but he has such a cute voice and his dancing is good too.

2) Jean Kaito

Jean was the first member of SUPER★DRAGON who stood out to me. Once my boyfriend said to me while we were watching an EBiDAN concert together, "Jean looks like he's just woken up from a nap and been told to go on and stage." (lol) and I think that does sum him up quite well but not in a bad way. It's like when he's performing he looks kind of lazy and effortless, as if being on stage just comes naturally to him and he doesn't even have to try (though I'm sure he does try his best) and that's what I like about him. Jean honestly makes me swoon a lot; he's so cool when he raps and he's really handsome. I often question his style choices though. I think the clothes he wears most of the time are kinda weird but aslong as he likes them, lol.

3) Tanaka Koki

Koki seems to be one of the most popular members amoung the Japanese fans and I can certainly see why. I think he has a nice face and he'll grow up to be very handsome. He also seems friendly and easy to get along with. He's not the most talented vocalist ever but I think his voice is one of the nicest in the group. I feel like he tries a bit too hard sometimes (no-one needs to see a 14-year-old boy hip-rolling, please Koki stop lol) but that just makes him more lovable, haha.

4) Furukawa Tsuyoshi

I think very few people would disagree with me when I say that Tsuyoshi is definitely the most talented vocalist in the group. He seems like he always tries his best when performing, but sometimes I wonder if he works a little too hard since I've noticed his voice sounding a bit strained at times. But either way he definitely seems like he really cares about the group and doing the best he can.


5) Matsumura Tomoya

Tomoya probably has one of the most distinctive voices in the group. It's a lot deeper than you'd expect just from looking at him, or maybe that's just me. He seems really sweet and funny.

6) Iijima Hayate

If Tsuyoshi and Jean are the mama and papa of the group then I think Hayate is the kind older brother. He seems really sweet and caring but also like a bit of a dork, haha. He and Raku are especially cute together.

7) Shimura Reo

Hard to believe that Reo is the oldest member of Supadora since he's pretty much always the one to be scolded for messing around too much or being noisey, haha. I feel like the other members pick on him a little bit sometimes but in a loving way. Reo is probably the funniest member and also the best dancer. Plus he's very loud, lol.

8) Ito Sougo

I love how Sougo is always smiling. Like Koki, he seems really friendly and easy to get along with. He seems like a really easy-going person too, like I'd find it very difficult to imagine him getting angry or arguing with someone.

9) Ikeda Hyoma

Hyoma never really stood out to me much. He was the last member who's name I ended up learning when I first got into the group. Nevertheless I do see his appeal. He has a nice voice and can be pretty funny. I like his ear piercings as well. I think he's a bit like Koki though in the sense that he tries a bit too hard to look cool in front of the camera sometimes.

As always, feel free to let me know who your favourite members of SUPER★DRAGON are in the comments and check out Angi's ranking here!


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