M!LK Member Ranking | EBiDAN Member Ranking Week 1

Hello all! Today I'll be sharing with you my personal ranking of the members of M!LK; from my favourite to my least favourite (but of course I love all the members!). I hope you enjoy it and it helps you to get to know the members a little better.

This is a collab with the lovely Angi from It's All About JMusic so be sure to check out her post as well! We'll each be doing our own ranking of the members from a different EBiDAN group every week. On this first week I got to pick which group we did so of course I chose my favourite group, M!LK. Now, let's get started! 

1) Yamazaki Haruki

If I could describe Haruki in one word it would of course be 'cute'. His face is cute, his voice is cute, his personality is cute! I feel like he tries a bit too hard to fit this image sometimes which isn't to everybody's taste - like by speaking in the third person and doing really "cutesy" poses and pouting a lot - but somehow for me that just makes me like him even more. He was the member that first attracted me to M!LK. His high voice is probably the most distinctive in the group and his dancing is good too. He seems like he always works hard and tries his best within the group. I love his unusual fashion sense as well; he always wears the cutest clothes.

2) Shiozaki Daichi

Daichi is also very cute, with his chubby cheeks and protruding front teeth that make him look a bit like a squirrel, haha. I consider Daichi to be like the "class clown" of the group; he's noisey and very rarely acts serious. He teases the other members and messes around a lot which always makes me laugh. He is also one of the best dancers in the group in my opinion. It made me laugh how at the event when the group's CD debut was announced all of the other members seemed shocked and didn't know what to say but Daichi wasn't fazed at all and was even laughing at Mizuki and Haruki for crying.

3) Sano Hayato

Hayato is the oldest member of the group yet he messes around almost as much as Daichi does. I love his smile and chubby face. He has a habit of pulling funny faces at the camera whenever it focuses on him which always makes me laugh. Even though he can be silly at times he seems like a good leader who always watches out for the other members of the group.

4) Yoshida Jinto

I first noticed Jinto for his very unique dance style. He is a really good dancer but for some reason watching him dance often makes me laugh. I think it's because of the "sassy" facial expressions he always makes, haha. When he smiles you can see his dimples which I think are really cute. He and Haruki are really sweet together as well. It's always so adorable whenever Haruki sits in Jinto's lap.

5) Itagaki Mizuki

Mizuki may be last on my list but I still like him a lot! He's actually the youngest member of M!LK but looks so much older than he really is. I think that Mizuki was probably the worst singer in the group to begin with but he's definitely improved over the years. He was a bit shy back when the group first debuted but he seems to have come out of his shell a lot more now which I love. He is also definitely the most handsome in the group!

Feel free to tell me who your favourite members of M!LK are and why you like them in the comments! Also don't forget to check out Angi's ranking as well.

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