We're Gonna Be Late For Idol School! | My Top 5 School-Themed Music Videos

Here in the UK and in many other parts of the world, September is the start of the academic year. For me at least it marks the end of being able to sit around all day fangirling and having to get my butt back to college and start being somewhat productive again. But I still continue fangirling in my breaks, of course.

If you're anything like me, returning to school/college/wherever isn't exactly something to look forward to but luckily, some of our favourite Jpop boy groups have our backs with some cute school-themed music videos we can sneakily watch in class when we're supposed to be doing work. So grab your seifuku and your buttered toast because here are a few of my favourites.

1) M!LK - Shingakki A La Carte

The title of this song says it all. "Shingakki A La Carte" ('Shingakki' meaning 'new semester') is a cute and catchy song about returning to school after a break. The lyrics talk about common situations you may find yourself in, such as forgetting the name of a classmate you haven't seen in a while or wanting to make a good first impression when introducing yourself to your class. This was actually the first of M!LK's music videos I ever saw and its cute silliness had me hooked straight away. It's difficult not to laugh at certain parts, such as the scene where the boys are fighting over a spot in front of the mirror and Hayato ends up shaving his entire eyebrow off. Plus I love their uniforms; I wish we'd been allowed to wear uniforms like that when I was in school, haha.

2) MAG!C☆PRINCE - Spin The Sky

This song actually came out around the same time that the previously mentioned song did, and the similarity between the two videos was partially what interested me. "Spin The Sky" is the theme song for "Majidrama ~Spin The Sky~", a short TV drama which starred all of the members of MAG!C☆PRINCE in a high school setting. The music video carries the same innocent and upbeat theme that the TV drama had, showing the members having fun together and participating in club activities. Again, this was the first video by MAG!C☆PRINCE that I ever saw and I still don't get tired of watching it!

3) XOX - High School Boo!

First of all, this song is extremely catchy. Don't press play if you don't want it stuck in your head for the rest of the day! The "High School Boo!" music video has a kind of shoujo manga feel to it, with cute little speech bubbles and graphics popping up on the screen every so often. The video shows the members hanging around the school and just being adorable together; skipping down the halls, dancing, and taking silly selfies. The video is very aesthetically pleasing, I half-want to go to that school myself! I wonder what happened at the end though? Hmm...

4) B2takes! - Moyamoya Lover

In the "Moyamoya Lover" music video the members of B2takes! appear to be a bunch of boys in the same class who all have a crush on the same girl. Why is she the only girl in the class, I wonder? And why doesn't she have a face? Is this the plot of an otome game? The music video shows each of the boys getting into typical shoujo manga-like scenarios with this girl, such as helping her to pick up her books after she's dropped them in the hall. Near the end we get to see one of the things I love most about B2takes! music videos; how they always get their fans involved. They finish the video off dancing in front of a group of their fans who are also wearing school uniforms and masks.

5) MAGiC BOYZ - DK GO!!!

"DK GO!!!" is one of MAGiC BOYZ' newest music videos. 'DK' is short for 'danshi kousei' which means 'high school boy' and I have to say that this is one of their weirdest music videos since "Do The D-D-T!!". It's an absolute mess and I have no idea what's going on but that's why I love it. For starters, this school is terrible. Do they have an eqvuilent to Ofsted in Japan? If so, they should shut this school down. The teacher threw an explosive at Ryuto's head and knocked him unconcious, they're allowed to have guns in the classroom, no-one questions the fact that Joe is in this class despite not even being a high school student yet, and now they're having a rave in the hall with cleaning equipment? Cool. I am horrified at Ryuto's language and did he really just lift his middle finger up at us? Tut, tut, tut. P.S., I know I'm biased but Mahiro looks really handsome in a school uniform.

Do you have any favourite school-themed Jpop songs or music videos?


  1. Hi recently I found your blog and I found it interesting (- v -)

    I've been a fan of EBiDAN for about 2 years now hahahaha I'm mainly Choutokkyuu but I love them all <3

    The DK Go! Mv of Magic boyz is actually about the usual types of DK's or High school boys for example the part where Ryuto did that(you know...) Because there usually DK's who dislikes couples or reajuus(normies)

    That's all just letting you know :)
    Btw love your blogs <3

    1. I did know that really, haha. I was mainly joking about the DK GO music video since I like to make fun of Majibo (lovingly, of course)

      Thank you so much, I'm really glad you like my blog! ^^


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