Most Accessible Jpop Boy Groups for Overseas Fans | Jpop on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube?

One of the main reasons I believe that Jpop often doesn't catch the interest of as many people overseas as Kpop does is its lack of accesibility. Most Kpop artists are more than interested in growing their overseas fanbase and it's pretty easy to find Kpop songs on sites like YouTube and iTunes with a simple search. However with Jpop, depending on the artist it can still be a little difficult to find their content if you don't live in Japan.

There are still many Japanese labels who only make their artist's music videos available to Japanese audiences or worse; don't let their music videos be uploaded online at all. A lot of Japanese artists do have their music up to purchase on iTunes these days but most only make it available to buyers in the Japanese store so if you're a foreigner your only option is to get the physical CD imported from Japan which not everyone can afford for every single release.

Of course there are ways around these obstacles *cough* e.g. proxy services, hiding your IP address, sneaky fan uploads *cough* but if you're just getting into Jpop for the first time you probably don't want to go through all of that trouble! So I've complied a list of a few of the more easy to access Jpop boy groups; taking into account factors such as their music and videos being available outside of Japan, how much information can be found on them in English, and how involved they've been with their foreign audience in the past. Notice how there aren't any Johnny's Entertainment groups in this list. Then let's go!


Da-iCE is a 5-member group from Avex who debuted in 2012 with the self-titled album "Da-iCE". The group is made up of two vocalists and three dancers. Da-iCE are a very well-loved group, especially among Kpop fans who are delving into the world of Jpop for the first time and it's no mystery why. Their songs are never not extremely catchy, the two vocalists of the group have amazing voices, the dancing is nothing to scoff at either, not to mention they're all incredibly handsome. Right from the beginning Da-iCE have expressed the desire to gain a fanbase overseas and they'vre already begun doing just that. Aside from some of their earliest releases from before their major debut, all of their songs are available on iTunes and their music videos on YouTube. In 2016, they were also the guest of honour at FanimeCon, an anime convention in the US where they performed a very succesful live set with the promise of more to come.


GENERATIONS is a 7-member group that is part of EXILE TRIBE, a super group related to the group EXILE. They made their debut in 2012 with the single "Brave It Out". All groups from EXILE TRIBE are reasonably accessible to overseas fans (what with short versions of their music videos being available to view on YouTube and all their music being on iTunes and Spotify) but the reason why I chose GENERATIONS in particular is because they're the only group so far to have done a world tour. They are also a group who I think might appeal to people who like Kpop.


Choutokkyuu (also known as Bullet Train) are a 7-member group who are part of EBiDAN, the collective of male artists associated with Stardust Promotion. They made their debut in 2012 with the single "TRAIN" and like Da-iCE, the group is made up of both dancers and singers. Choutokkyuu have yet to do any performances outside of Asia (I live in hope) but all of their music is available on iTunes (under the name 'chotokkyu'). Almost all of EBiDAN's groups do have at least some of their music available on iTunes, their music videos are on YouTube, and they also have Stardust Channel which is the company's own streaming website where you can find other videos such as concerts, makings, and so on. While some things are free, Stardust Channel is a paid service but it is possible to sign up even if you don't live in Japan. Find out how to do so here.


BOYS AND MEN are a 10-member group formed in the Tokai region of Japan. All of the members are singers, dancers, and actors who were born and raised in the Tokai region and part of the group's aim is to encourage young people from that area to become performers. BOYS AND MEN haven't done any overseas performances as of yet but they have frequently acknowledged their foreign fans in interviews and have appeared on J-MELO, an international TV show about Japanese music. All of their releases as of 2016 are available on iTunes outside of Japan and their music videos are on YouTube.

If you do decide to purchase any of these groups' songs on iTunes then don't forget to use one of the links above! Because I may or may not be getting a comission. Do you like any of these artists? Which one is your favourite? Are there any Jpop artists who's music you really like but is really difficult to get a hold of? *Looks at M!LK* Let me know down below!


  1. i want to see Sexy Zone in this list in a future!!

  2. I know 3 groups from this list and yes, I have one favorite group that even does not put up clips in open access.

    1. I feel you, I don't get why some agencies do that. Surely they want more people to find their stuff online? .__.


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