My Top 5 EBiDAN 39&KiDS Members

I've had a bit of EBiDAN fever lately, what with all of the exciting things that have been happening over the last few months. Two groups announce their debut albums (I love Majibo and their album is lit, don't judge me), EBiDAN THE LIVE and Hoshio Matsuri 2017, plus my collab with Angi from It's All About JMusic is already on its 5th week. I've been finding lots of other EBiDAN fans online too. I'm so hype. I'm living life in the fast lane since ditching Johnny's Entertainment for EBiDAN. I mean, what?

So are you guys sick of me talking about EBiDAN yet? A little? Sorry but here's another EBiDAN post. This one isn't about the debuted groups though. Today I'm going to introduce you all to my favourite EBiDAN 39&KiDS members because Jeffrey Malone and his terrible dancing are so important. This won't be in any particular order though because they're all my babies and I can't pick a favourite.


First of all, how dare you? Who gave you permission to be so cute?! I am not okay with this. I just want to braid this boy's hair and give him lots of candy.

Jay is from EBiDAN OSAKA is a member of the group AMEZARI -RED STARS-. Even before he joined Amezari he always stood out to me at EBiDAN lives because he's always smiling and so full of energy. He's such a smol boi and a talented dancer. He's also half-American.

Night Andrew

I became interested in Night (on account of his adorableness) after seeing him a few times on EBiDAN Amigo and the like, but I think I developed my huge bias towards him when I discovered that he's actually half-British. I'm British, and while I know of a lot of hafus who have American and European origins, he's the first British kid I've heard of in the Japanese idol industry (although I'm sure there are others). Honestly I'm so biased towards this boy it's terrible. I comment on all of his blog posts. At least I know that if I don't know how to say something in Japanese I can just say it in English and I know he'll be able to understand me.

Night is a member of the group ZeBRA☆STAR. He is referred to as the "global member". He's British on his dad's side and is fluent in English.

Yamashita Yue

Does this girl like any EBiDAN trainees who aren't hafus, I hear you ask? Well here. This is Yue and he's a dork and I love him. He tries way too hard to be noticed most of the time but I find it adorable. His catch phrase is "Yuei!" (a mix of his name and "yay"). He's a member of the trainee unit STAR BOYS. I saw him in so many livestreams and EBiDAN Amigo episodes that he eventually ended up crawling his way into my favourites list.

Jeffrey Malone

Another hafu, I'm sorry lol. But honestly I love Jeffrey so much. He's the very definition of "my pace". He's the worst dancer I've ever seen in my life. He's almost always out of time and if you watch him closely you can see him looking at the other members because he's forgotten the choreography. Even though his dancing is bad he's always smiling and full of energy, looking as if he's really enjoying himself. He's often seen doing something silly (like randomly falling over), although I'm not sure whether he's actually just clumsy or he does it on purpose to be funny. Either way it's adorable.

Jeffrey is half-American on his dad's side. His dad is from California. He speaks English fluently, which he seems to have no shame in using to his advantage. He often says cheesy things like, "Make sure you keep your eyes on me, okay?". He's also a member of the trainee unit STAR BOYS. I think he'll grow up to be quite handsome. I know I said I can't pick a favourite but if I had to I think it would be Jeffrey. Also fun fact: he's friends with ALO (ROI from G=AGE) so maybe that's another reason why I'm so biased toward him, haha.

Ishii Masaya

Actually the cutest boy ever. I fell in love with his smile from the first time I saw him on EBiDAN Amigo. Masaya stands out but not in a try-hard way like Yue (I'm sorry bby). I feel like he'll end up becoming popular. He's also a member of STAR BOYS.

I call this screenshot, "A smile that can heal the sick".

Who are your favourite EBiDAN trainees? Are there any 39&KiDS members you'd like to see in a proper unit in the future? Are you as zazzed for Hoshio Matsuri 2017 as I am?! Let me know in the comments.


  1. Hello actually I'm really glad an international fan takes notice on Ebidan trainees! I only have been a fan of Ebidan for a year and lately my main notice is the trainees. I rarely see international fans like them so it is a bit lonely XD thank you for posting this! Anyway my favorites are Mitsuya Hibiki (he debuted though but Amezari is still under Ebidan Osaka so I'm confused we can call them trainees or not), Yumiki Yamato, Yoshizawa Kaname, and lots more!

    1. Ooh, thanks for your comment! It's always great to find other international Ebidan fans, especially someone who also likes the trainees. I've been a fan of Ebidan for about 2 years now but I've only recently started to become a fan of the trainees.

      I like Hibiki a lot too. He's probably my favourite after Jay in Amezari. Thanks for sharing :D


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