MAGiC BOYZ Member Ranking | EBiDAN Member Ranking Week 6

Yo, what's up my homies? I felt like I should greet you like that because of who this week's group is. What was that? You think I should never say that again? I completely agree. I was half-tempted to begin this post with a screenshot of Ryuto giving the camera the middle finger.


This week it was Angi's turn to chose the group for our little collab and much to my surprise, she chose MAGiC BOYZ. AKA the group I pretend to hate but actually love 100% unironically. So let's get started! Yo, brap, and whatever the cool kids say these days.

1) Mahiro

Back when Mahi was just the group's DJ I didn't really pay much attention to him, so I was surprised at his talent when he ended up becoming an MC. While none of the members of Majibo are particularly amazing rappers, I think he's the best out of all of them. I think he's the best "performer" in the group as well. By that I mean when he's on stage he's entertaining to watch and looks confident, whereas the other MCs look pretty awkward if I'm honest, haha. He seems kind of shy and serious most of the time but he does seem to have a cute, loving side towards the other members. I also never really noticed how handsome he was back when he used to be a DJ and he wore glasses all the time! I literally never call him Mahiro anymore; I've gotten into the habit of calling him Mahi or Mahi-Mahi lol.

2) Touma

Touma was actually my favourite member of the group back before Yuzu and Futo left and they had auditions and everything but sadly Mahi stole his thunder lol. Touma is honestly the most awkward human alive and he has such a cute chubby face.

 3) Joe

Joe is so cute and precious. He looks like he has no clue what's even going on half the time.

4) Ryuto

Ryuto is just terrible at everything but I love him. His rapping and pronounation is really bad (so much so that he actually got told off by two senpai members at EBiDAN The LIVE this year) and his dancing is so awkward. At least he's confident and does his best even if it's bad, haha.

Milo was my actual son. I'm still sad that he left. Don't forget to show Angi's post some love too! Which members of Majibo do you love (or love to hate) the most?


  1. I am very much getting along with you that Joe often seems to not really know what's going on.

  2. I love Ryuuto most because he's so adorable ;; I like his rapping so much OMG. His voice is so special that nobody can imitates him www He's very confident www He can diss his sempai - Ryouga (Choutokkyuu) in the EBiDAN THE LIVE stage wwwww He's so cute at all XD

    1. Even though he's my least favourite in Majibo I do like him a lot and I agree with everything you said, haha. It's good that he's confident and it always makes me laugh when he disses Ryouga hahaha


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