Everyone is Fabulous! | Jpop Boy Groups According to My (ex) Boyfriend Part 2

Here I am again, torturing my boyfriend with handsome Japanese men who he has an unjustified amount of hatred for. Hope you enjoy his suffering, haha.

chotokkyu (Bullet Train)

The "giving the members weird nicknames" trend seems to have returned. Here are a few of them:

Ryouga - Weird Face

Kai - The Villian (Apparently his white hair made him look like an anime villian)

Takuya - Weird...hair...eyebrows

Yuki - The Overly-Photoshopped Girl

Yusuke - Fabulous No-Rules

I showed him a video of them performing "Battaman" live and I think it's pretty safe to say that Yusuke is his favourite member.

X.E.N.O. Project

Now there's another boy group member to add to the list of people my boyfriend doesn't like. He really, really doesn't like Tsukasa for some reason, haha. When I asked him why the only reason he could give me was "Because he reminds of me Jean". He still can't tell me why he hates Jean so much either. Tsukasa also kind of reminds me of Fumito (from G=AGE) who - surprise - my boyfriend also doesn't like. Anyway, I showed him their dance video for "YOU'RE SO GOLD".

He was unimpressed with Tsukasa's backflip (how??) and all he really commented on was how squeaky their shoes were against the floor and the brightness of Takanori's hair. He also made fun of Takuya's facial expressions a lot. Why does he always make fun of my favourites? T^T


 I showed him the "Boimen ~B.M.C.A.~" video because I thought he'd have some pretty great reactions to it. Although, he just ended up pausing the video in random places and laughing at their facial expressions. I made this one his desktop background because I'm pretty sure Yukihisa is now his favourite member.

Seriously, just do yourself a favor and keep your eyes on Yukihisa throughout the video.


Finally, we'll end on a group that he actually enjoyed and didn't spend the whole time making fun of. I showed him the music video for "Splash" and he admitted that the song was good and the members were talented. He made fun of how high Souta's voice was a little though, haha.

Bonus: Yoshida Jinto

We ended up watching some of the Fit's Gumi commercials. If you don't know, Fit's are a brand of Japanese chewing gum and since the beginning of this year they've been airing these commercials that star various celebrities as high school students including the members of M!LK. He really got a good laugh out of watching Jinto's dancing. He said it was how serious his face was when the dance routines were so cutesy and upbeat. When I told him it was the same guy from M!LK, he didn't recognize him. He found this video particularly amusing.

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