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Foreign members of Japanese idol groups aren't an uncommon occurence. From Marius Yo in Sexy Zone to amina du Jean, it's been proven that both Japanese and foreign fans alike can see the appeal of a "gaijin" member in the group. For non-Japanese fans it can be a way to feel more connected to the group because well, when you're a fan of a group who live miles away and probably have no idea that they even have fans in your country, you take what you can get.

While groups with one or two foreign members aren't unusual, this new male idol group boast as being the very first group of its kind in Japan to be made up solely of foreigners.


Guyjin48 is an up-and-coming male idol unit currently consisting of members studying in Japan, originally hailing from countries such as China, Venezuela, America, Korea, and the Philippines. The group's aim is to further bridge the gap between the Japanese and the foreign community living in Japan by introducing different cultures and also creating an environment that will allow foreign students to eventually stay and work in Japan.

The group has yet to make their debut and is still looking for members but I think I'm in love with them already! I think the group's name is quite clever and cute too. 'Guyjin' is a pun on the English 'guy' and the Japanese word 'gaijin' meaning foreigner, and the '48' obviously comes from the hugely popular female idol group, AKB48. If you're a male foreigner studying in Japan and you're interested in becoming an idol then why not apply for this unusual group? You can do so here.

What do you think of Guyjin48? Are you going to apply? Would you become an idol in Japan if you could? Let me know in the comments!


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