An Introduction to JO1 | Group of the Month March 2020

Hey there, idol fans! This month's featured group as suggested by someone on Twitter (thanks, I was having a bit of a brain lapse, haha) is a group that's only just making their debut this month but are already causing a bit of a stir; it's JO1! If there are any groups you'd like to see featured in future months don't hesitate to let me know but as for right now, let's get started!

JO1 are an 11-member Jpop boy group that made their debut in March 2020. The group was formed thanks to the members all being the final contestants on PRODUCE JAPAN 101, a reality competition show that aired in 2019. Due to the show being a spin-off of the South Korean television series PRODUCE 101 X, the group is also quite well-known among Kpop fans.

The performance video of "La Pa Pa Pam", one of the bonus tracks from their debut single "PROTOSTAR".


Mamehara Issei

Date of Birth: 2002.05.30

Place of Birth: Okayama Prefecture

  • He placed 1st overall in PRODUCE 101 JAPAN.
  • His hobby is dancing, especially to 90s hip-hop.

Tsurubo Shion

Date of Birth: 2000.12.11

Place of Birth: Shiga Prefecture

  • He placed 5th in PRODUCE 101 JAPAN, and interestingly he also broke the "Produce 101 Curse". Based on all previous seasons of the show, it's been said that anyone who sits in the number 1 seat will not debut yet he has been the first to do so.
  • He was formerly a trainee under FNC Entertainment and can speak basic Korean.
  • He and Ruki both participated in the JUNON SUPERBOY contest in 2015. 

Kinjo Sukai

Date of Birth: 2000.05.06

Place of Birth: Osaka Prefecture

  • He placed 10th in PRODUCE 101 JAPAN.
  • His special skills are karate and soccer. He also enjoys movies and music.
  • He said if he got into the top 11 on PRODUCE 101 JAPAN that he’d fly anywhere for the National Producers because he is the ‘sky’. This is a pun, as his name 'Sukai' sounds like the English word 'sky'.

Ohira Shosei

Date of Birth: 2000.04.13

Place of Birth: Kyoto

  • He placed 4th in PRODUCE 101 JAPAN.
  • He graduated from the EXPG dance school in Kyoto.
  • His hobbies include watching movies, walking, editing videos, and beat making. He's also good at hand tricks. 

Kimata Syoya

Date of Birth: 2000.04.05

Place of Birth: Aichi Prefecture

  • He placed 8th in PRODUCE 101 JAPAN.
  • His special skills are swimming, playing soccer, and impersonations. He can also put pants on without the use of his hands.
  • He enjoys riding motorbikes, singing, dancing, painting, and watching movies.

Kawanishi Takumi

Date of Birth: 1999.06.23

Place of Birth: Hyogo Prefecture

  • He placed 3rd in PRODUCE 101 JAPAN.
  • It has always been his dream to become an idol.
  • Fans call him 'Hime', meaning 'Princess'.  

Sato Keigo

Date of Birth: 1998.07.29

Place of Birth: Aichi Prefecture

  • He placed 7th in PRODUCE 101 JAPAN.
  • He likes to tell scary stories. He also said that if he got into the top 11 on PRODUCE 101 JAPAN he would go to a famous haunted location.
  • He graduated from the EXPG dance school in Nagoya. 

Kono Junki

Date of Birth: 1998.01.20

Place of Birth: Nara Prefecture

  • He placed 9th in PRODUCE 101 JAPAN.
  • I personally will forever remember him as Curry Rice Boy because in his PR introduction video he states that "his favourite drink is curry rice". How he drinks it, I have no idea. Maybe he puts it in a blender, haha.
  • His special skills are playing soccer, speaking English, and Disney impressions. He also enjoys muscle training and is known for his abs. 

Shiroiwa Ruki

Date of Birth: 1997.11.19

Place of Birth: Tokyo

  • He placed 6th in PRODUCE 101 JAPAN.
  • His hobby is writing songs and he said that if he got into the top 11 on PRODUCE JAPAN 101 he would create an original song and perform it for the National Producers.
  • He seems to be one of the members most experienced in the idol industry. He has previously been a member of idol group YsR, seiyuu idol group Tsukicro, and also a Johnny's Jr.

Kawashiri Ren

Date of Birth: 1997.03.02

Place of Birth: Fukuoka Prefecture

  • He placed 2nd in PRODUCE 101 JAPAN.
  • Ren caught the eye of many fans long before the show had even begun airing, due to being chosen as the centre for the "Tsukame ~It's Coming~" dance video. He is well-known due to his high dance ability and professionalism. 
  • He has previously worked as a back-up dancer for artists such as Yamashita Tomohisa, PENTAGON, and Wanna One.

Yonashiro Sho

Date of Birth: 1995.10.25

Place of Birth: Okinawa Prefecture

  • He placed 11th in PRODUCE 101 JAPAN.
  • His hobbies include muscle training and watching movies.
  • Though he doesn't have much experience in dancing, his special skills are playing the guitar and speaking English. 

Check out the music video for "Bugendai (INFINITY)", the main song from their debut single PROTOSTAR (released 2020.03.04) below!

Official Links: 


I was really excited about PRODUCE 101 JAPAN when I first heard of it, and I really enjoyed it while it was airing. Sadly none of my absolute favourite boys made it into the final 11 (Taguchi Keiya and Kanno Masahiro, for example) though I kind of expected that. All of the boys that were chosen though are all very talented and lovely in their own way and I can't wait to see what they bring to the table.

What do you think of JO1? Did you watch PRODUCE 101 JAPAN when it was airing? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

JO1 official website


  1. Hiya, I'm the one who requested JO1. Thank you for featuring them.

    Just a few corrections. You switched Shosei's and Keigo's EXPG Schools. Keigo is from Nagoya (capital city/major city of Aichi Prefecture), so EXPG Nagoya. Shosei is from Kyoto, so EXPG Kyoto ��

    1. I don't know how I didn't notice that. Thanks for pointing it out!


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