My Top 5 MAG!C☆PRINCE Songs

Hey there, idol fans! If you're looking for some song recommendations for this month's featured group then look no further. Today I'll be sharing with you all my top 5 songs by MAG!C☆PRINCE. Let's get started!

1. Clap Your Hands

Not a main song so no music video for this one unfortunately but my all time favourite Magipri song has to be "Clap Your Hands". It's from their debut album "111" and this song is so cute and upbeat I can't help but sing along every time it comes up on my Spotify. In a few of their previous lives the group has allowed the audience to record them performing this song. It's such a simple and fun song that everyone can join in with so it always looks like so much fun for everyone there.

2. Zettai Aishiteru

Magipri's debut song and another one that never fails to get me excited. I always want to do the calls and wotagei routine (although I have to refrain while I'm in in public, haha). In the part that goes "minna aishiteru" I always sing "Kengo aishiteru". I know, I'm shameful.

3. Spin The Sky

The first Magipri song I ever came across and quite possibly their cutest music video to date. I'm just now realizing I may have a slight weakness for school-themed music videos. I really like the choreography for this one too. 


"UPDATE" still stands out to me as one of Magipri's most unique singles. The song and music video are a lot more mature than pretty much all of their other releases. The music video features all of the members dressed completely in white so not a member colour to be found. While I do love Magipri's usual cute and colourful image, I think this more mature style suits them well too and would love to see more releases like this. Get the full MV over at Rainbow Pudding Blog.


"RUSH" is the B-side song from the "UPDATE" single. It's a lot more upbeat and fun than this single's main track but to be honest I like both tracks more or less the same. Also Kengo is such a poser in this video, haha.

What's your favourite song by MAG!C☆PRINCE? Leave it below in the comments!

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