An Introduction to ED∞EN | Angel & Devil Concept Underground Male Idol Group

EDEN are a 5-member underground idol group that debuted on August 3rd 2023. The group's concept is angels and devils and thus they're split up into Team White (the angel team) and Team Black (the devil team). They perform both original songs true to their angel and devil theme as well as covers of songs from Johnny's groups. The members don't have individual image colours but you can use either a white or black penlight to support them (purple is also okay if you don't have a black penlight). 


Their first music video "Forbidden Fruits ~Kindan no Kajitsu~" was released on YouTube in October 2023 and the song is also available to buy or listen to on iTunes, Spotify etc. alongside their other original song "Magic Parade". Their third original song "Jinrui Saisho no Koi" was recently unveiled at the end of November alongside the announcement of another original song coming in December.





Team White


Takada Kotaro


 Birthday: March 5th

  •  Youngest member and the baby. He often seems slightly irritated when called cute.
  • He was inspired to become an idol by the Johnny's group A.B.C-Z.
  • Very friendly and sweet to his fans.



Kai Hiroki


Birthday: May 20th

  • The kind leader. He's honestly so sweet and caring and is always gushing about how much he loves the other members.
  • Very cool stage presence but also a cutiepie off stage.
  • Often the unfortunate victim of Sakatie's kiss attacks.


Shinomiya Nagi

Birthday: June 20th


  • The cutiepie of the group. Kotaro calls him Hime (Princess).
  • He loves McDonald's fries far too much.
  • I just love this boy a lot and could talk about how great he is for this entire post but he's always really sweet to me and patient with my awkwardness and always compliments my fashion.

Team Black

Sakai Kota (Sakatie)

Birthday: November 4th


  • Uses the stage name Sakatie because he loves milk tea. He's also a former member of the group Re:BRE FUNTOS.
  • Very funny and has chaotic dad energy.
  • Cannot keep his hands to himself; he's literally always touching or trying to kiss one of the other member.



Yuuki Minato 

Birthday: November 4th (the same date as Sakatie as well as the group's manager)


  • Does acrobatics.
  • Very quiet and rarely speaks on stage but super adorable and a sweetie when you talk to him one-on-one.
  • Really likes Pikmin.


I've been a fan of EDEN for almost two months now. Should I be embarrassed that I've taken over 50 photos with Nagi alone? They're so talented and all of the members are so lovable that I'm just super excited to see how they continue to gtow. If you're interested please do check out their music video on YouTube and give their songs a listen on Spotify. Do let me know what you think or feel free to ask if you have any questions about the group!





TuneCore (streaming links)






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