Voice Actors, Wota Life, and Crossdressing | 5 Types of Male Idol Groups I'd Like To See

Hey there, idol fans! As you probably already know, there is an idol group for pretty much everything (does the Happy Science cult idol group still exist?). Any specific, bizarre interest you have, there is probably an idol group that caters to it. However, there doesn't seem to be as many male idol groups with quirky concepts out there as there are female groups. Here's a list of a few concepts I'd like to see in the world of male idols in the future. Here's hoping a male idol agency will hire me someday so I can make some of these happen, haha.

1. A group with rotating members

When you think of female idol groups, outfits such as AKB48 and Morning Musume. tend to spring to mind. These groups have been around for a long time but have managed to stay somewhat relevant partially due to their 'rotating member system'. Basically a member will graduate (be it to move onto the next stage of their life, they're 'let go' because of a scandal, or they just simply reach a certain age) and every so often an audition will be held to replace the member(s) that have left. This concept doesn't seem to exist in the world of male idols. With male idol groups, the line-up seems to be more-or-less set in stone once they have their debut. If a member does leave they most likely won't be replaced. I'd love to see a male idol group with a concept more reminiscent of these kinds of female groups, where members graduate and auditions are held regularly. Fans can get to know the new auditionees through social media or TV shows and maybe even get to vote for their favourites. (Pictured: JUNON SUPERBOY ANOTHERS)

2. An 'idol otaku' group

I think pretty much every idol has at least some amount of appreciation for fellow idols, and there are some idols (e.g. Nishioka Kengo) who are not ashamed to admit that their love of idols was a big part of what influenced them to become idols themselves. However, I'd love to see an entire group with this concept! Imagine an idol who has a genuine love and support for other idols. Imagine being able to gush about your favourite idols to one of your favourite idols who also loves idols. Lots of idols. Idolception. (Pictured: Nishioka Kengo from MAG!C☆PRINCE)

3. A group that's part anime and part real life

There are a couple of groups that already kind of meet this concept but what I'm talking about is something like a male equivalent to "Wake Up, Girls!". In this franchise, the girls in the anime all share names and other characteristics with the voice actresses who play them and the voice actresses are active in a kind of 'real life version' of the anime's idol group. We do already have virtual male idol groups such as Hi!Superb, but I'd love to see an actual male idol group with a whole anime franchise formed around it as well. (Pictured: Hi!Superb)

4. An 'otomen' or gender non-conforming group

If you've been following this blog for a while you'd know that while I do like the more cool and masculine types as well, cute and feminine idol boys are my main weakness (e.g. Yamazaki Haruki, Nishioka Kengo). A group that's full of cute, feminine idol boys would literally be my dream come true. (Pictured: Toman, ex-member of XOX)

5. A 'josou' group

Somewhat similar to the previous idea, we do have quite a few dansou (girls dressed as boys) idol groups such as Fudanjuku and THE HOOPERS, but I have yet to see the opposite; an idol group where all of the members are guys dressed as girls. The closest thing that I'm aware of is Ladybeard in the group DEADLIFT LOLITA, but I'd love to see a whole group with this concept where each of the members have their own female 'personas'. (Pictured: Kanatan from Chuuu!!)

In conclusion, it would probably be a bad idea if I were the producer of an idol group. Although it is one of my dreams for the future. I would also probably try and resurrect G=AGE. What kind of idol groups would you like to see in the future? If you were the producer of a group what would they be like? Let me know in the comments!


  1. ZEN THE HOLLYWOOD has their own anime. I never watched it but I know they got formed because of it.

    1. Yes, that's true but not completely what I had in mind. I'd like a group where the voice actors who play the characters in the anime are actually the members of the group as well ^^

  2. Ahhhh for the no.3 we actually had DearDream and Kurofune from Dream Festival anime!^^
    But too bad the franchise closed so they had to disband.. :(

    1. Oh yes you're right! A shame they had to disband, I hope they'll be another group with a similar concept :c


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