An Introduction to HANDSIGN | Group of the Month March 2019

Hey there, idol fans! March's featured group is a rather unusual one but they have a lovely concept and they're definitely worth a look. Let's get to know "sign language dance" group HANDSIGN!

HANGSIGN is a Japanese boy group originally formed in 2005. Though the members themselves are hearing, the group is based around Deaf culture and their aim is to increase awareness of deafness and knowledge of sign language in Japan through dance. Their music videos often tell touching stories focusing on those living with deafness and their dance routines incorporate parts of Japanese Sign Language. They made their major debut in 2017 with the single "Boku ga Kimi no Mimi ni Naru".

The music video for "Boku ga Kimi no Mimi ni Naru" (I'll Become Your Ears).




The leader and founder of the group. From Kanagawa prefecture.


The other of the two original members. Was invited to the group by TATSU. 

Former Members:

Oza (now acts as a support member)
KOUSUKE (now works as the group's manager) 
ROY (left due to injury)

Check out the music video for "Shin Jidai", the group's third major single (released 2018.11.21) below!

Official Links:


As mentioned in a previous blog post, I used to suffer from a form of mutism so nonverbal methods of communication are something that I've always been interested in. I'm currently studying British Sign Language, and I've looked into Japanese Sign Language a little alongside my Japanese studies. I think it's great that a group like this exists and I wish them lots of success in bridging the gap between hearing and deaf individuals in Japan. What do you think of HANDSIGN?

HANDSIGN's official website
HANDSIGN Japanese Wikipedia page


  1. thanks for the report.. they are so unique and brave


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