About Dansei Idol Girl 

Dansei Idol Girl is a blog run by someone who just really likes Jpop boy groups and wants to share some of the lesser-known ones in particular. Get all the latest news on Japanese boybands, fan translations, tips, guides, and recommendations (plus general fangirling) here!

JP: 日本の男性アイドルグループが大好きので面白いことを世界に送ります!

About The Owner

Hi, I'm SORA! My love of male Jpop idol groups started with the Johnny's Entertainment group Sexy Zone in around 2012. 2016 was when I started to branch out more into non-Johnny's groups and I was a big EBiDAN fan around this time. I'm currently studying abroad in Japan and these days I'm mostly interested in underground groups. Aside from blogging, I occasionally make videos and perform as an overseas idol.

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