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Dansei Idol Girl is a blog run by someone who just really likes Jpop boy groups and wants to share some of the lesser-known ones in particular. Get all the latest news on Japanese boybands, fan translations, tips, guides, and recommendations (plus general fangirling) here!

JP: 日本の男性アイドルグループが大好きので面白いことを世界に送ります!

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"In the male idol fandom it gets to a point where whenever you find something new online like a fanfiction or a blog post you look at the person who posted it and you're just like 'ah, it's you again' because there's honestly only about 5 of us active in this whole fandom." - SORA complaining (lovingly) at some point

My name is SORA, also known as SOU and That G=AGE Girl (No, I will never let that go in case you're wondering). I'm a Jpop fangirl in my 20s from the UK. I like to maniacally rave about things and give Johnny's Entertainment sass. I try my hand at translating things sometimes but my Japanese is pretty basic so don't expect much. I also perform at conventions as an overseas idol. Some other things I like besides Jpop include dancing, writing, anime, cosplay, web design, and otome games. Nice to meet you!

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Around 2012 time I was absolutely obsessed with Johnny's Entertainment, particularly Sexy Zone. Sometime in 2013 though, I lost interest partially due to the Sexy Zone member split. I returned to the Johnny's fandom in 2016 but was still felt somewhat unhappy with the agency and its overall structure. As a result I developed a mild curiosity as to what boy groups outside of Johnny's were like and this led me to groups such as M!LK, Bullet Train, and most of all, G=AGE.

I became very passionate about these groups and really wanted them to get more attention overseas. This led me to create my Tumblr blog where I tried my best to translate things and introduce these groups to a wider audience. After G=AGE's disbandment later that year I lost my enthusiasm again, on account of them being my favourite group and the blog was abandoned.

After a while my love of Jpop boy groups began to return little by little and I made this blog in mid-2017. My goal is still to spread the love of male idol groups overseas and also to connect with other fans!

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